The Fountain of Blood


“Hello, Madam. It seems your garment is stained” said a stranger who walked past me in the market. I checked and saw a red spot that was quickly spreading. Immediately, I went to a nearby shop and got a scarf to help hide my shame. I began to wonder. It was not time for my monthly period, so what could have gone wrong? That day, my life took a turn for the worse. That day, my struggles began.

I thought it was something that would stop in a few hours, but I was so wrong. It was when my neighbours started telling me that I looked pale that I knew something had to be done. Taking some coins in hand, I went to Naboth. He was a physician of great repute. He gave me some herbs and told me how to use them, but it was to no avail. In few days, my body began to give off an offensive odour. The people I worked with in the market could no longer bear it and neither could my neighbours. So, I had to stop working in the market. Also, I relocated from my home to an isolated place on the outskirts of town.

By the seventh year of my predicament, I had become a regular visitor to doctors all over the town. They had prescribed several expensive drugs to me but the result was still the same. I considered committing suicide. Of what use was life when I could not touch another person without making them “unclean”? Why should I remain alive when the stench of dried blood around me nauseated me? Why should I remain alive when I had no hope for tomorrow? Well, the audacity of hope kept me from taking my life.

After a while, I settled into a routine. I got used to living the life of an outcast. I expected to die in my condition. But something happened. One day, a young man told me about someone named Jesus. The young man had attended a wedding in Cana where this Jesus performed a miracle. People claimed that He had the power to heal the sick and raise the dead. For the first time in years, I felt hope again. Few weeks later, I heard that Jesus was going to the house of Jairus, a powerful man in my community. Finally. But the moment I saw the crowd that followed Jesus, I knew that I had no chance of getting close to this man. So, I turned and began to go home. Just then, I thought to myself: “I am a living corpse. Why should I give up on a chance of restoration so easily?” So, I turned back and forged ahead. Towards Jesus.

As I forced my way through the crowd, I began to remember all the reasons why I should not be there. I remembered that I was unclean and because of this, I should not be with people. But I shook the thought away and fought on. Next, I remembered that this Jesus was a Rabbi who would not want to have anything to do with an unclean lady. I realized that I could be stoned by the crowd if they found out. But I still fought on. At this point, my mind was made up: it was either death or deliverance.

As I hustled my way through the crowd, I got my big chance. The Rabbi stopped to talk to a little boy and then I made my move.


As I touched the hem of His garment, I felt the blood flow stop. The fountain of blood that had flowed for twelve tears stopped! Finally, I was whole again.

PS. This story is a fictional account inspired by the Healing of the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:21-43)

For some people reading this, there are perennial leakages in various aspects of their lives. It might be a debt that has limited financial freedom, a habit that has stunted spiritual growth or a medical condition that has defied all logic. The good news is that Jesus is here and He is able to stop the drain, if and only if you come to Him in total surrender. If I may ask, what are you waiting for? Cry out to Jesus! The Great Physician is

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

26 thoughts on “The Fountain of Blood”

  1. I am so excited at what the Lord is doing through you, this is a way of bringing souls to Christ through writing…It only means we can bring souls to God by using the talents He has given us. I am so proud of you and this touched me, I know it touched others too. God bless you and increase you.


  2. kudos to u EGBON..ur dad has been a great inspiration to me..same with u..I pray DAT ur word of knowledge will increase


  3. Ever since I became a christian and a baptist,one of my best hymn in YBH is hymn578- Onisegun nla wa nihin and it has done wonders for me. Bro, you really captivated me with this write up, God bless you abundantly IJMN.

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