A way of escape
A way of escape

Our 8th wedding anniversary was two months ago. The day was really nice. Errrmm, actually, it was just there. Hubby tried his best to spice things up. He took me out to an exotic restaurant for dinner and got me some nice stuff, but it didn’t thrill me. At this point in our marital journey, things felt different. We were not mushy lovers like most newlyweds, neither were we an experienced couple. We were somewhere in between, and it really felt awkward. I needed something to spark me back to life.

The week after our anniversary, I went to the mall. I wanted to get some foodstuffs for the house and one or two things for myself. As I made my way down the aisle, I heard someone shout “Olamide Adebisi!!” I was shocked. Few people knew my maiden name. I looked back and guess who I saw. It was Seun! My ex-boyfriend. The guy was looking good. Honestly! He looked like a bodybuilder and he had also joined the beard gang *wink wink* Without any announcement, he hugged me and lifted me. *blush alert* “Seun na! Stop that joor. I am a married woman o. Can’t you see the ring ni? Joor o” He laughed! “Lammy baby. I’m also a married man. I am just glad to see you after several years. Can I get your number? I need to run now, there is a meeting going on in my office. Also, if you don’t mind, have this. Use it to settle your bills.” I smiled. “You shouldn’t have done that nau. Anyway, thanks a lot. Here is my phone number. Have a nice day”

For the next two weeks, I was always on the phone talking to and chatting with Seun. He was everything my husband wasn’t. He was exciting and romantic. He could make me laugh the whole day! My husband was worried and glad. He was worried that I spent all my time on the phone communicating with someone I didn’t want him to know. However, he was glad that I was smiling after all my mood swings. I lied that it was my brother’s wife I was chatting with. I’m sure he knew I was lying, but he didn’t probe further. A month after our initial meeting, I fixed a date with Seun. I lied to my husband that I needed to see my dentist and that I might come back home late. He offered to drive me there, but I rejected his offer. “I am old enough to take care of myself!”

Seun was the perfect gentleman. He opened the door for me to enter his car, helped position my chair in the restaurant and told me how beautiful I looked. *deep breath* I thought to myself, “Why did I not marry Seun!?”We ate, laughed and caught up on old times. It was truly a great experience; so great that I didn’t realize that it was almost 11 pm. I told Seun to drop me at the nearest bus stop. He looked sad that our date was ending.

As we got in the car, Seun started making some funny moves. He held my hands and began to profess his love for me. Although I’m ashamed to say this, I enjoyed the attention and affection. It was when he made to touch my cheek that the scales fell off! What the heck was I doing alone with another woman’s husband in such a compromising situation and at this time of the day? What had I gotten myself into? I told Seun to stop. He asked if he did anything wrong. I looked at him and shook my head. He found a suitable place and parked. All the while, he was wondering what went wrong. I told him “Goodnight”, stopped a taxi and asked the driver to take me home. It was in the cab that the waterworks opened. I cried like a baby. I had almost lost my diamond while looking for stones. If not for God’s mercy, it could have been a different story. I sighed. Then, I muttered the words “Thank You, Lord”

PS. The story is fictional.

Writer’s comment: Is it not funny how the devil seems to bring temptations at the right time? When you are broke, you get a chance to make illegal money. When you need some “spark”, the lady or guy you dated resurfaces. When you want to fast, your office throws a surprise all-you-can-eat party! The list goes on. Well, the Bible teaches that there is no temptation without a way of escape (1Corinthians 10:13). So, when next the temptation comes, please seek the way of escape and when you find it, run like a man chasing the last bus of the night! Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your observations…


Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

14 thoughts on “A WAY OF ESCAPE”

  1. hmmm…..”run like a man chasing the last bus of the night” don’t wait to explain, the explanation can come later, if at all necessary…God bless you, Iremide!

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  2. I love this. A post with this same title have been sitting in my drafts for ages now. I hope I complete it soon.

    This post is a blessing. Gracias, Ire.

    Ps: Thank God the lady flew o! Abi God said we should flee from the devil and not try to form boss man. Haha

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