Late 2015 I read an article. Although, I can’t remember the name of the character(s), the picture it painted in my heart has resurfaced quite often since then. The emotions I felt at the end of the story still affect my decisions till today. That, my friends, is the power of words. That is the reason why I write. To make a mark that is difficult to erase. To affect how people view life. To help people be more like Christ.

The author of the article I mentioned is Tomi Adesina. Today on WFAC 2017, we will be considering some tips to leaving an impression in the hearts of readers. In this age of information overload, how can you write in such a way that days, weeks, months and even years to come, your words will keep making a difference in the lives of your readers? I’ll share some tips I’ve observed from various writers.

On your marks, get set… Go!

Years back, there were few people who could share their views on important subject matters and they could mostly be found on the pages of newspapers and television screens. However, things have changed. Facebook posts, Tweets, Blogs, Vlogs… everyone has something to say. This means that the average reader is bombarded with a lot of information. There is increased information overload and attention deficiency. So whatever you want to say or write, you have to make your point. Quickly. Here are three tips that I have found helpful in writing pieces that draw the attention of readers and leave an impression in their hearts.

  • Write about something that people can relate to. Imagine you open a magazine and you see an article about the radioactive properties of aluminum, would you read it? Not likely. If you manage to read it, would you remember the content a day after? Not likely. However, if you see a post about choosing a career, raising godly children or issues that affect you, it is likely that your interest will be heightened. The same applies with your readers. To increase your chances of making an impact on your readers, seek to write on subjects that interest and affect them.


  • Paint a picture. Jesus, the ultimate teacher, used parables in most of his teachings. Why? Because it created an image in the mind of readers. If you want to leave an impression in the hearts of your readers, seek ways to paint a picture in their minds. Don’t just write and drag them along. Walk with them through the journey of the article. Let them feel the depths and heights you felt as you wrote. Communicate your burden for what you are writing about. Use your words to paint a picture on the canvas of their minds.


  • Be succinct. As much as possible, be brief. Clearly express your ideas. Although your readers have been captivated by your hook and they are now hooked to your piece, it only takes a moment for them to lose interest. So, once you’ve gotten your readers’ attention, make your point. Don’t use three words where one would serve the same purpose. Try not to stretch the article beyond what is required. Ensure you have settled what exactly you want to pass across in your mind. After you do that, deliver the punch line! Don’t let the reader off the hook without delivering the main theme of your piece.

This is not an exhaustive list. However, it is a great place to start from. I believe writing should not just be done casually. Every piece that a writer puts his name is a representation of his person and as such, no stone should be left unturned in ensuring a high quality. Don’t just write; seek to make an impact. Seek to leave an impression. Seek to make God proud.

The Tomi Adesina I mentioned earlier is a great writer. She inspired the choice of this particular topic. She blogs at tomiadesina.wordpress.com She is a Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Fiction series blogger. She’s even written a movie that would be premiered in cinemas in August. Check out her page, I believe you enjoy it.

WFAC 2017 has been on for three weeks now. We began with THE INTRODUCTION after which we commenced with BIRTHING THE VISION,  we moved on to learn the importance of REMOVING THE DROSS and now we are here. What have you learnt so far>? How do you intend to put it into practice? Feel free to share your views. I’ll be expecting 🙂


Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.


  1. Waoh…. Another point grabbed…. Be succinct …..Tomi Adesina you are great… Am enjoying WFAC … Sir Ire I pray you will never regret training me as a writer… With the help of God am getting better everyday. Putting pen to work..Chao

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