Over the next four months, we will be having a guest writer – Ifeoluwa Oloruntoba – sharing her thoughts with us in the form of a devotional. The message is to serve as a strength for the rainy days. Every Monday, we will have these life-giving words. I pray that we will grow and be blessed as we hear God speak. Amen.



Philippians 2:14- Do all things without complaining or disputing

One day while I was in school, I went about my activities grumpy.  I complained about many things and was totally dissatisfied with everything. God saw all of that and right in the middle of the situation, I heard that gentle voice within me saying, “If you want to move forward in life, you cannot afford to be a complainer.” At that moment I paused and I realized that I had been complaining and it was not healthy for me both spiritually and physically. Afterwards, I asked God to help me to complain less and to be more grateful for all His blessings.

Being a complainer is too expensive for:

  • Your destiny. As you live towards fulfilling your destiny, you are not the only one on that road; you will meet so many people as you go on your way and this dangerous act of complaining is like a virus that spreads so fast. It is highly contagious. I have also noticed that people who are fond of complaining are not happy people because they see problems in every situation.
  • The time you will spend on the road to destiny. Have you noticed that whenever you are impatient about something and are complaining, the time usually seems slower?  Have you also noticed that whenever you are very happy the time seems to run faster? It’s because you are not concerned about time but are concerned about the thing which excites you at the moment. Beloved, be excited about your God-given purpose and you will find out in no time that you are fulfilling it right where you are.

Why is this act not healthy for God’s children? From the example of the Israelites, we observe the following results:

  • All those who complained did not get to the Promised Land (the destination God promised them which can be likened to one’s destiny).
  • The journey of forty days became the journey of forty years (complaints make your journey longer in life).

How do I gain victory over this act?

  • Open up to the Holy Spirit and He will help you
  • Be thankful for all you have and all that is around you
  • Empathize with people.
  • Stay away (as much as possible) from people who are always dissatisfied


PRAYER POINT: Lord every day as I live, help me to always find reasons to give thanks rather than complain or grumble in Jesus name.

Author: Ifeoluwa Oloruntoba

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

2 thoughts on “DO NOT COMPLAIN”

  1. This is very true and useful. That part of a complainer will always find something to complain about is soooo right!

    God bless the writer and blogger


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