“We go dey hail, hail, hail, hail … hail your name, name, name, name… day by day. All the way. All the way!” Tayo and Lara screamed and danced. It was their wedding reception! The day they had waited for. Family, friends, well-wishers, haters and “mo gbo, mo ya”* people looked on as the couple had their first dance. Afterwards, the bride threw her bouquet and as fate would have it, her best lady caught it. Not long after, Ade, the best man, walked over to her side. Tayo and Lara smiled. They knew something was cooking.

After the crowd began to disperse, the couple went round the secondary school hall they had used as their reception venue. They greeted their family members and their colleagues who had contributed and helped to make the day a reality. In all sincerity, they were both knackered. The visits to uncles and aunties, pre-wedding counselling, photo shoots and event planning of the last few months had drained them emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually. Neither of them had had time for a proper Bible study in weeks.

Tayo just wanted the day to be over. He had enjoyed everything but he couldn’t take any more. He was not even looking forward to having sex with his bride. All he wanted was sleep. Lara, on the other hand, was as tired as he was, but she was also angry. Her friends had not gotten enough food to eat despite the huge amount they spent on food and drinks. Also, her legs were aching from all the dancing and walking around. Finally, her husband had not even bothered to comfort her, he was just smiling like somebody that something was doing. How could he be so inconsiderate?

At the guest house, after their friends and family had left, Tayo and Lara laid on the floor and bed respectively. They were spent! Lara was waiting for Tayo to apologize to her for not caring about her feelings. The poor guy just wanted to freshen up and sleep. As he went into the bathroom to have his bath, Lara spoke: “Tayo, I can’t believe you are this inconsiderate! So all the love you showed me during courtship was fake! Ah. Aye mi, temi ba mi. I am finished. My friends warned me o. They said all men are the same, but I thought you were different. I was so wrong.”

Tayo looked at her like she was speaking German, he couldn’t understand where the words came from and what his wife was reacting to. He didn’t need this drama to add to his headache, but then he had to be the man, so he went to his wife and tried to comfort her. “Sweetheart. Ife mi. I don’t know what I did, but whatever it is, I am sorry. You know I love you. You know I…” Lara pushed him away. “Tayo, so despite my anger and hurt, the only thing on your mind is sex! Tayo! So you are apologizing to me just so you can get what you want. I am even more disappointed.”

Bros T did not know when he lost control. “Me? Thinking of sleeping with you? All I wanted to do was to sleep before you started this your drama.” Lara started crying. “Ah. Tayo. Adetayo Oluwagbotemi Fadipe! So you don’t find me attractive? Ah. Jesu! Who did I offend? I have missed it in marriage. I have missed it in life! Jesus! Why did I not pray more? Why did I not wait on the Lord more?” As she wept, she picked up the intercom and called the reception. “Receptionist, I need a room. I can’t afford to stay with this man. No way!”

He looked on as she carried some of her things and left the room. Although he loved her, he couldn’t put up with this her attitude. He wondered if he would have been better off marrying Sola, the lady in the choir. With tears in his eyes and pain in his heart, he watched his bride walk away from him and he was powerless to stop her.

They didn’t know it, but their marriage was already over. On the same day, it was solemnized, their union had been shattered. It would take a miracle for the cracked foundations to sustain any home not to talk of the great home God had in mind for them…

Writer’s comments:

  • Who do you think is at fault in this situation?
  • If you could speak to the couple that night, what would you tell them?
  • What could Lara have done better?
  • Should Tayo have reacted the way he did?

I’m looking forward to your comments, advice and questions… Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you can get instant notification for new posts.

*Mo gbo, mo ya people refers to uninvited guests

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

28 thoughts on “THE WEDDING NIGHT”

  1. Heheh. Lara is petty and funny enough its all these ‘small’ things that end up ruining unions. Hmmm. May God help us oh.

    PS: I will make sure to knock the next person I see throwing that ‘all men are the same’ card

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lara is a Big baby! And that’s why they say you have to be emotionally mature before you get married.
    Some fights are not necessary. You pick your battles, place and time 🙈

    That was their wedding now, the foundation of many to come or the first time they would both be alone as husband and wife. You shouldn’t let it start with a quarrel/drama.
    And yeah… she overreacted. Why move away from the room? 🐷
    She needs to grow and stop throwing unnecessary tantrums at the slightest sign of provocation.

    Brother Tayo shaaa… typical man. And he even tried sef… even though he didn’t understand what he was being accused of, he apologized.
    I’m sorry… I can’t find it in my heart to fault him. Because he reacted like any normal person would.
    But you see… he could have tried a little harder. Like send a quick prayer up to heaven to take control and reply by saying he was truly sorry and the apology was not because of sex. (He couldn’t have known she was gonna misinterpret him anyway)
    So again, I can’t blame Bro Tayo. I’m sending warm comforting hugs to him🤗 he would need a lot of wisdom and patience with Lara.

    But what if it was a spiritual attack and sis Lara didn’t even know what she was doing. Maybe after she gets to the next room, her eye will clear? What if? ☺️😊 the MFM in me would not let me rule out that possibility! 😁


    1. Hahahahaha!! I can’t laugh o. Bro. Tayo will hear o. The guy is currently feeling bad. I like this part of your mini-sermon the most 🙂 “Some fights are not necessary. You pick your battles, place and time” Hmm. Iyen deep. Two of the key lessons I picked. Emotional maturity. Spiritual attack. The first part, I have considered. The second one, I never really considered. What if they are using remote to control Aunty Lara and she doesn’t know. Hmm….food for thought.


  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Really thought provoking o.
    Yea I know stress has a way of making us react harshly but if only Lara had ‘chilled’ a lil. If only she had tried to comfort herself first. If only she had opened her mouth to state her worries. Chai! If only Tayo didn’t lose it.
    Kai. Lara gaan, wat is doin her, she will now go an be hiring room 2, she was not ready for marriage gaan. Sha. Aye le, aye ni ka


  4. Marriage over? Just like that?… Issokay…but Aunty Lara is a drama queen fa 👑 … I seriously won’t blame Boda Tayo much for being insensitive. They were both tired na and he doesn’t even know what is strong in our aunty. A little chilling down and some dialogue would have done it… I’m not sure she’s ready for what marriage entails. Aunty Lara, it is you I’ll want to speak with but lemme just be going before I start the second part of the story 👋


    1. Hehehe. Darma queen of laive! The word “chill” reoccurs here. Tade mentioned the same thing too. Feel free to talk to aunty Lara na. I wee deliver the message to her when she and Brother Tayo leave the hotel.


  5. I would say that Lara isn’t mature enough for marriage…
    Her husband is so patient. In life I think overreacting has caused so much problems for us. We conclude too fast… May God help us. Well done Pst Iremide


  6. Good one Iremide, the comments I have read so far have been very wonderful, thumbs up for your prompt response too.
    I think we need to learn to see every activities in life as important, rather than routine, I mean the visits, and most especially the counseling sessions. Would-be couples must learn tolerance, openness, and patience. Why should a woman expect a man to always be the one to comfort her. She could have sought to comfort him too. Bro Tayo was too tired to think about someone else, who despite tired too, is seeking comfort from an equally tired person.
    And the musings in their individual minds show the sheer optimism, despite indepth pessimism with which people choose to go headlong into marriage. She started to talk about the negative advice she got and Bro Tayo too thought of the other sister in the church choir.
    It might be a spiritual thing as earlier suggested. We cannot rule that out. Yet, I think its best to look at it from the human angle, for the sake of self-introspection and personal improvement, while we pray alongside.
    May the devil never get a chance near us.


    1. Amen. I learnt so much from your comment. Comfort should be a two-way thing, it is not the sole responsibility of one partner, whether the man or woman. Also, the pessimistic comments in their hearts also say a lot. Thank you for sharing. God bless you. The sequel to the story will be posted later today. I believe you will learn from and enjoy. Looking forward to your reaction to it.


  7. I wont be too quick to judge Sis. Lara actually.. These are things that happen normally that we are sometimes insensitive to n ward off but now it is a big deal as it is the wedding night. The least place to joke with when starting anything in life especially marriage is the place of prayer no matter how busy we get cos it starts with a “tinnie-tiny” voice giving you ginger to fire and if one is not sensitive enough, many things are destroyed in the process.
    Also, proper communication with sense is highly essential in any relationship (wisdom is profitable to direct). Lara could have still gotten the comfort she wanted if she had asked sensibly n not in d aggressive tone.
    Anyway, i feel the marriage can still be saved…it cannot just b over like dat


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m learning. As you said, it is possible that Lara had been like that before, but the wedding night effect just magnified the whole issue. Also, another key point I noted is that prayer is a vital foundation for anything especially marriage. Finally, I learnt that the tone of a comment can make a world of difference! The sequel to The Wedding Night drops this night, by God’s grace. I hope you enjoy it.


  8. That Aunty Lara needs cane ooo
    This shows how women jump into conclusion too much. They are never satisfied. You can never get enough of them. Very very complicated people. I’m feeling for Uncle Tayo gan….


  9. I still believe in treating others the way we want em to treat us, what stopped Lara from comforting Tayo first? Or is there a law that says the woman must be a receiver and not a giver? She is not matured, a baby-wife, but the truth is, loads of women are like that, some just learned to put it under control. Ehn en,so how is there marriage now?


    1. 🙂 Their marriage.. hmm hmm. It’s unfolding sha..

      As far as I know, there’s no law like that. Forgiveness is required from both parties.
      No one is always right. No one is always wrong. We must learn to seek and extend forgiveness.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


  10. I feel that Lara shouldn’t have just gotten irritated just like or even jumped into conclusion I feel she was at fault cause first her husband didn’t know how she was feeling but she started blaming him…and when she started he still even apologized without knowing what he did …..I feel if she had just poured out her mind the instant she was feeling somehow what happened on that night wouldn’t have happened …and Tayo should have just let her be by now he should have known that women are hard pleasers …nothing is ever enough …even if he had spoken about what was bothering her she might have stilled turned it into a fight …Tbh marriage isn’t easy you keep learning everyday


  11. Wow, I must say you’re an incredible written😊.well I feel the lady has more fault, cos she just assumed. She could have called her husband’s attention to what she did not like, I mean on her wedding night for God’s sake.
    the man also ought to have been caring too, at least he should have seen how tired she was and could have told her sorry, even give her pain relief drugs and make her feel loved.

    Liked by 1 person

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