The Morning After

All we have to say is Thank You, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. All we have to say is Thank You, Lord.

Tayo and Lara danced forward to the altar in their lovely attire followed closely by the entire church. As the pastor prayed for them, several dreamy-eyed teenagers and youths giggled as they looked at the new couple. “God please make my family like Bro. Tayo and Sis. Lara o!” After the service, some ladies cornered Lara. “How did last night go na? Hehe. See how Lara is blushing! Chai. Lemme reserve my comment.” Everyone was so happy for them. Well, almost everyone.

Tayo was smiling but suffering inside. He and Lara had only said “Good morning” to each other after last night’s debacle. The plastic smile on his face was just a façade. It was just a show; he was not happy. A soft touch and a familiar voice brought him back to reality. “Oko Iyawo! Congrats dear. I am so happy for you. Lara is so lucky to have you. If only I was that lucky.” It was Sola. The lady he considered before he chose Lara. “Haha. Stop it joor. You better send us the IV for your wedding with Charles soon.” As she walked away, he watched her and followed the rhythm of her movement. He turned only to meet his wife’s gaze! She had been watching him all along.

Lara knew she had been petty. This was a man who had sacrificed so much and left so much for her joy. As she laid in the other room on their wedding night, she had no rest. This was not what she had envisaged. She wanted to apologize but then she didn’t know how Tayo would react. So when she said Good morning and he answered coldly, her heart dropped. She had a fight on her hand. As the pastor prayed for peace in their home during the Thanksgiving, she purposed in her heart to apologize to her husband. However, her heart sank when she saw him giggling with Sola. Things got worse as she watched her husband of less than 24 hours gazing longingly at Sola as she walked away.

Tayo’s mother, Mrs. Fadipe, didn’t know what, but she knew something was wrong. Her son and his wife were smiling and happy. The wedding ceremony had been a success. But she could not shake the feeling that something bad was going on. She sensed the alarm in her spirit going off again and again. “What is it, Lord Jesus? What is it?”

The honeymoon suite at Obudu Cattle Ranch was tastefully furnished. Roses, candles and dimly lit rooms. These things should have been a turn-on for any new couple, but Tayo and Lara weren’t your average newlywed couple. (Un)Fortunately, there was no spare room available, so Lara and Tayo had nowhere to run to.

That night, Lara could not sleep. She had tried to close her eyes in the hope that sleep would take her away but it wasn’t to be. Tears streamed down her eyes as she considered the reality on ground. Her home had just begun and it was already crumbling. “Lord, this is not what you promised me. This is not the vision you showed me. Father, have mercy. Lord, ha…” She was interrupted by what sounded like laughter. It couldn’t be. Why would her husband be laughing at 5am in the morning when they were quarreling? She turned and looked in his direction. What she saw on her husband’s phone shocked her:

Lara could not hold her hurt, anger, shock and disappointment. She screamed… and passed out.

Writer’s comments: The contributions from THE WEDDING NIGHT were very enlightening. Seeing the new direction that things have taken;

  • If you had five minutes to talk to Tayo, what would you tell him?
  • Was Sola wrong to express her love for Tayo?
  • Lara… What could she have done better?

So many questions. Tayo, Sola and Mrs. Fadipe are looking forward to learning from you 🙂 What are the things that tugged at your heart as you read? Feel free to share.

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Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

12 thoughts on “THE MORNING AFTER”

  1. Wao!

    This is beautiful and touching.. I feel for Lara o, I can imagine the thoughts that will be playing in her memory on seeing her husband’s chat with Sola..

    I think both of them just really need to bury their pride and apologise to each other.. And learn to understand each other better


    1. As in! I also feel for her. The words would replay in her mind for a while.

      I will deliver your message to “Tayo” and “Lara”. Hopefully, they will listen.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It is appreciated!


  2. Wawu!
    Beht brother Tayo did not try at all… Haba! Is dah how they use to do?
    Ans Sis Sola.. I dont even have any words for her
    For Sis. Lara.. I think she should still apologise let God fight for her marriage (some battles cannot just be fought physically but in the spiritual) Thank God Mrs Fadipe is sensitive to vibes… She should also not stop praying for them


    1. Don’t mind the brother Tayo somebody, let us leave his case for the last episode. I agree with you…some battles need to be fought spiritually. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds! It ain’t easy for her tho. Seeing those messages would have hurt her in a very deep way. Let’s see how things go.

      By the way, the final episode is out 🙂 “Happily Ever After?”.. I hope you enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

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