HAPPILY EVER AFTER? (The concluding part of the series)

Happily Ever After?
  3. Happily Ever After?

Mrs. Fadipe slept like a baby. She woke up at intervals all through the night because her heart was heavy and troubled for no obvious reason. She had not felt this way since her husband passed away in a car accident few years ago. Why she felt this way at a time like this was a mystery to her. These should have been her happiest days; her son was married to a wonderful lady who she proudly called her daughter. Before she slept, the couple had spoken to her and informed her that they arrived safely at Obudu for their honeymoon. She decided that she would not call them for the next two weeks. She wanted them to bond and quite importantly, she didn’t want them to see her as a nagging mother (in-law).

With each passing moment, the alarm in her spirit kept getting stronger. She was scared! So, she knelt down and prayed, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that God wanted her to call Lara. “Why Lord” she exclaimed! “Do you want the young lady to see me as a rival? What kind of mother-in-law calls on the first morning of the honeymoon? Lord, why are you doing this to me?” There was no response from the Lord. Just silence. So, she reluctantly picked her phone and with shaky hands, she dialled Lara’s number.

Lara was inconsolable when she came back to herself. For a moment, she couldn’t place what had happened, but then, she saw her husband crying and pleading for mercy and it all came flooding back. Her tears. His laughter. Sola’s harsh words. Her husband’s regret at marrying her. She couldn’t take it. If they weren’t hundreds of miles away from home, she would have walked home. Rather than listen to her husband’s fake tears, she decided to take a walk around the Ranch and try to get her thoughts. Unlike their wedding night, this time Tayo tried to stop her. She turned and hit his hands away. “Go and meet your Sola o. You hear. Go and meet her”. She quickly left the suite before her husband could see the tears in her eyes.

Thirty minutes of aimless wandering had worn down Lara. She found one of the gossip chairs and sat there beneath the shade of a beautiful tree. How ironic. A beautiful tree. An ugly situation. Lara heard a familiar song and was humming to the rhythm before she realized it was her phone that was ringing. She didn’t even know that her phone was in the pocket of her shorts.

It was her mother-in-law. Can you imagine? This her husband was a child o. So, he cannot handle matters without running to his mother for help. Hehe. Iranu. She decided to pick the call before they label her a bad daughter-in-law.

Mrs Fadipe was relieved. Lara was not picking the call. At least, she could tell God that she tried but the lady didn’t pick. Just as she was thinking, she heard Lara’s voice. “Mummy, e kaaro ma. Good morning ma. How was your night?” Mrs Fadipe took a deep breath and looked up as if telling God see what you got me into. “My daughter, I am fine. I slept very well. Thank God. I am sorry for calling you on the first full day of your honeymoon. It is just that I feel a very strange burden in my heart and I want to be sure that all is well with you”

Lara was shocked. This woman’s spiritual antenna must be directly connected to Heaven’s frequency. She knew her mother-in-law would not lie, so if Tayo had sent her to call, she would have said so. God really wanted this family of hers to succeed. Lara thought of telling her mother-in-law that all was well, but she couldn’t. She, however, knew that it would be unwise of her to tell her all that had happen in the past few days. So, she said the only thing she could say in those circumstances. “Mummy, just keep praying for us. Please don’t stop. We appreciate your prayers. God bless you.” After few words of prayers, the call ended. Lara took a deep breath.

Meanwhile, Tayo was distraught and disappointed in himself. He had allowed the devil to have a foothold in his home. He had messed up. Without a shadow of a doubt, his marriage was dead and he was the one who shot the bullet that ended it. He screamed, “God!!! Why!!!!!?”

Miles away, Sola was laughing hysterically. She wasn’t sure, but she sensed that her little flirty conversation with Tayo had gotten him into trouble with his wife. What other reason could account for the abrupt end to the conversation and his refusal to pick all her calls? She smiled. She would ensure that she ruined Lara’s home. Nobody takes a man from her except one she wants to give away. Lara would learn the hard way. She would see to it.

Back at Obudu Cattle Ranch, Tayo hears a knock on the door. His heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be. Could it? Lara walked in. She didn’t know how or if this would work out, but she was going to give all that she could to try and make it work. Tayo, on his part, said a little prayer. He was grateful she came back. He was grateful for a second chance. This time, he would try and make things work. Whatever it cost him, he would pay. Maybe, just maybe it could be happily ever after for them after this stormy start. Maybe…

Writer’s comment: This has been an amazing journey. I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has joined the journey by reading, sharing and commenting. I am grateful!

The series concluded with a question mark (Happily Ever After?) and the last word of the story was Maybe. That was intentional. There was the temptation to end the story with cheer, tears of joy and stuff like that, but looking deeply, I wanted to pass a message across that a great home doesn’t happen by default. There are no guarantees that things would work between Tayo and Lara. For their home to work, they would need to work. More importantly, they would need to seek God’s help and guidance.

Personally, I have learnt a lot from the stories and the comments that you made. I started this series with sufficient light for the first episode alone but I sensed strongly that God wanted to do something great with the series, so I followed him. As each week passed, with the wise counsel from readers and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, the picture became clearer.

We have learnt about the struggles that couples face in preparation for their wedding day (and the potential hazards), the importance of emotional maturity, the need to deal with lingering emotions (re: Sola), the usefulness of praying for others and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit among other things. I really hope you have learnt something that would help you be a better spouse and build a home that honors God. If you have, feel free to share. Also, subscribe to this blog, check out other inspiring stories and tell your friends about the blog.

We draw the curtain with a word of prayer: Lord Jesus, we are grateful for the privilege to be your children. We appreciate the sacrifice you made on the cross to set us free from sin and destruction. Accept our thanksgiving in Jesus name. Lord, we pray for Christian homes all over the world that are struggling and crumbling, we ask that you will speak peace to the raging storms in Jesus name. Father, we pray that you will intervene in their affairs. Lord, we pray for those who are at the crossroads in the choice of a life partner that you will speak to them clearly in Jesus name. Lord Jesus, please raise families that would honor you and make you proud. Please, Lord Jesus. Raise homes that would shake the gates of hell and advance your kingdom. Most importantly, Lord, help us to live with heaven as our focus at every point in time. Thank you, Lord for answered prayers. For we pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

12 thoughts on “HAPPILY EVER AFTER?”

  1. This blessed me 👌
    Your ink and muse will never run dry!
    Thanks for writing this. Great lessons I’ll hold firmly for the future 🔮

    This affirms “Faith without work is dead”. Our resolve to work while letting Jesus take the wheel will enhance a blissful journey.. I also learnt that when God instructs us, we should just obey, we shouldn’t hold back even if what He’s telling us to do doesn’t go down well with us at the moment. We shouldn’t think for God cos We’ll understand it later (thank God for Mrs Fadipe).

    Uhmmmm. Deep lessons.

    God bless you real good 💃 💃

    Sola, the ‘daleru daleru’.. God pass her.. Lol 😂


  2. Thanks Brodami i got a lot of lessons like
    1:staying connected with GOD
    2:Dont judge others if u dont understand them
    3:learn to share your burdens with d right person
    4:obey God’s voice at al times coz u might know whose life or family you are saving
    Keep up the good work sir and remain blessed


  3. Wow! May your ink never run dry.
    I have really learnt alot…
    Reading through all I can see is how the devil entered into a new home through a little hole, and using that tiny hole as a ladder just to reach for the destruction and tearing down of it. Just the same way he has done to some many homes apart… As little as the hole seems it was strong and capable enough to tear and bring down the home… May God give us christian home where He alone will be the driver in Jesus name. Amen.
    Indeed, he who thinks he stands really needs to watch lest he falls.

    Mrs Fadipe is spiritually intelligent, and this is what so many christians lack… as so many times we struggle with that tiny and calm voice to the point where we end up silencing it and thereby replacing it with our’s.

    God bless you for this beautiful piece. Amen.


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