Hi. Well, here goes.. I was sisters’ fellowship coordinator back in school. Graduated in 2014, went for service. During service year, I was active in the corpers’ fellowship also. Well, after service year, I started applying for jobs and going for interviews. Nothing showed up for a while and I was getting anxious because of the situation of things in the country. Did small baking and sewing to keep body and soul together.

Well, June last year, I got a job and it was the kind of work I had prayed for. It pays well and gives me exposure. I see myself doing this for a long time. But here is the problem, I spend an average of 4 hours commuting from the office to my apartment. When I get home, I am exhausted and I just want to sleep. To eat sef, na wa. On weekends, there are times I have to go to work. Those times when I don’t, I take time to rest and hang out with friends or do something fun.

This is the issue. My spiritual life is going down. There are times I go for a week without reading my bible and prayer sef is “Good morning Jesus… and then ka to sun Olugbala wa”. I’m slipping away. I fear that one day, I would wake up and not have any regard for God or things of Christ. Please, I need counsel. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely, Anonymous.

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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