KILLER MERCY by Samuel Tolu Ola

When LUST begs for mercy…

I had a dream last night. Not a scary one. In fact, its ending didn’t seem to have much meaning, not until its consequence dawned on me with full effect.

I packed my car in a peculiar spot reserved for me and went about to do my normal business. Before I got back, it had been stolen.

I thought that was the end until the person who stole it returned back to hand over the keys to me, begging for mercy. As you would expect, I was shocked. How would a man steal a car and then return it back, begging to be pardoned?

Still shell-shocked, I gave him audience to explain himself. He then explained that as he ignited the car and was about zooming off, an elderly man dressed in white stopped him, telling him it was not possible for him to drive away with the car. Scared to death, he knew he must have stolen the property of someone who had divine backing, making him run back to me, pleading to be spared.

I took my keys from him, pondering what to do. ‘So there is someone protecting me’, I thought to myself. Deep down, I knew what I was supposed to do. Resist all his pleading and hand him over to the authorities for immediate prosecution.

But this sudden realization of having a divine backing which I wasn’t even aware of prior to this incident made me swell with pride. Maybe that made me lose my senses as I started contemplating showing him mercy. Little did I know that his continuous presence near me could cost me dearly…

In my foolishness, I decided against taking him to the authorites, making him follow me everywhere, slapping him at intervals as he begged for mercy still. I met some certain people who after narrating the story to, told me I really was indeed merciful. This pleased me a lot as I slapped the thief’s head again. I decided to continue with him this way for a while and then release him soon after. I needed to prove I had mercy.

However, the story soon took a sharp turn as I never knew that his presence near me was going to cost me dearly the following day. Little did I know that I wasn’t going to permit myself to release him immediately.

I got carried away with the joy I was deriving from bossing him around until I missed a very important exam which was scheduled for the morning. I realized I had just shot myself in the head while indulging myself with unneedful audience or rather; showing mercy to a thief.


Likewise, have you had a like experience?

Those moments,
When it comes to you, begging for just 5 minutes…
‘Haven’t you been bored for so long’? It asks.
You reply ‘yes’, then the pressure begins to mount…
Intense music beat, your heart racing faster…
Begging you to view just a few “harmless” pictures,
Enticing you to watch that movie or to see that music video with a “few obscene scenes”,
You sheepishly give in, indulging yourself.
Now it doesn’t matter the amount of time you spend studying and praying after,
Just 5 minutes of your “killer mercy” and everything comes crashing down,
The lust is satisfied, it just outwitted you again, getting fatter and growing stronger in you,
As usual, you’ll not take notice immediately,
But it surely comes back stronger, attacking you with its wicked venom, showing you it’s other side,
Flashing pictures upon pictures, images upon images…
Now you struggle to overcome, but sorry, it has mastered you already, you just have to give in.
Who is the boss now?
And the cycle continues…
Like a merry go round,
Round and around you both go…

Let’s turn the tables…

If you live after the flesh, you shall die, but if you by the power of the spirit do kill the desires of the flesh you shall live.

So who should be at mercy now?
Whoever commits sin is a servant of sin, but the servant abides not in the house forever, the son does. Therefore, if the son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.

So who’s the slave now?
You or that devil that has tied you down for so long?
If it’s not you, then why are you still living in subjection to its dictates?
Why still showing the killer mercy to a snake whose head you’re supposed to crush?
Now enough should be enough!
Activate your prayer before it comes again…
Bring the walls crashing down!

Next time it shows up for mercy…
Bind it up and cast it into the abyss of hell where it belongs.
You have the ability inside of you,
Why allow it lie dormant, unutilized?
The Holy Ghost, your prayer power is waiting to get engaged.
So why not embrace self-denial for a moment while switching your mode?
The next time lust begs you for mercy…
Don’t give in,
Because it will come back right to haunt you, effectively dragging you back down with itself to hell.
And trust me, it will come back to ask…

But what will you do?
Will you decide to turn your back completely (at 180 degrees) against everything that fuels lust in your life?
Or will you do a roundabout (a 360 degrees) and then face those things right back, deceiving yourself?
I set before you life and death, choose life.
I love you, and I’m praying for you to overcome the next killer mercy attack.

In HIS grip,
Samuel Ola

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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