Hello everybody. Something happened yesterday and I have just calmed down enough to tell the story. Okay. Less go.

You see, after work, I started the journey home. I was tired o, but I sha continued. Around my area, one okada man almost hit me where I was jejely walking. I wanted to para, but I sha calm down. It remain small for me to say something, but I swallowed it. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, I said to myself.

After all the wahala, I sha got home. As I tried to open the gate, I realized it was already opened. Ahnahn. How na? I checked the time. It was strange. I usually got home first. Brother Tunde got home about one hour after me and then Mr. & Mrs. Adetunde came later due to their Monday fellowship. Well, it was possible one of them came home early, but I was already on alert. So I opened the gate slowly…guess what I saw?

My brothers and sisters, there were four men in our compound! Ah. Mo se nkan o. Three were holding cutlasses and one was with a chainsaw. They were trying to bring down the tree that I planted three years ago. Omo, I didn’t even wait to discuss with them. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I shall not die but live! I ran to the police station at our junction.

“Bros. E kaale sir. Please sir, there are robbers in our compound! Epp us! E joor” I was agitated and scared as I spoke to Corporal Francis. Instantly, he took his gun and called six of his men to follow us. Also, he called the area headquarters for back-up. Ten minutes later, we got to my compound and surprisingly the gate was still open as I left it. Also, the men were still focused on cutting the tree.

As they saw the policemen coming with me, they ran to the backyard and scaled the fence. I was so excited… until I saw that broda oni chainsaw was still there. Ha. “Corporal Francis, help me” I pleaded. I expected the man to spring into action James bond style, but bros didn’t o. To my surprise, he motioned to his boys and stepped back. “Ire, you have to deal with this guy on your own”

I was shocked. Which kind of slying is this one na? God, please help me. I don’t know what to do. … In what was clearly an answer to my prayer, the chainsaw stopped working!!!! Sharply, I launched at the guy and rushed him. Left, right, right, left, uppercut. I hit him with all my strength. Then, as he tired, I reached for his mask and pulled it. Can you guess who I saw?

…. I saw myself. My heart sank.


Writer’s comment:

The story you just read was scripted to illustrate a lesson I am learning. The tree in the story symbolizes any area of a person’s life – spiritual, financial, etc. It happens that every area of a person’s life experiencing growth can expect attacks. The three men with cutlasses represent external factors that seek to stunt our growth and destroy what we have worked hard to grow.

The external factors could be the government policies, “enemies”, recession, unemployment, etc. These factors are very dangerous and have the potential to harm us. Hence, the cutlasses they held.

However, I am learning that there are internal factors that have the ability to ruin a person’s life. In essence, a person can be the cause of his chaos. For example, a person who is an impulsive spender could be cutting the tree of his financial success. A person who keeps malice can be seen to be destroying his emotional and mental health. Several examples abound.

Although there are potent and dangerous external influences that seek to stop our growth, we would do well to check our lives and see if our ignorance, attitudes, habits, and actions are not the hindrances to the growth that we desire. Ki Oluwa ran wa l’owo. Amin. 🙂

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

2 thoughts on “BRODA ONÌ CHAINSAW”

  1. Insightful as always. Read it first on your Facebook status. Re-reading it reminds me of the potent lessons in this piece. Well done, Ire! Keep explaining spiritual truths to us with Spirit taught words.

    Liked by 2 people

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