Today, to celebrate this Blogversary, I would like to give three sets of books as a gift.

The four books included are wonderful.

  1. Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar is one of my best books.
  2. Think Big by Ben Carson was one of the first books I read.
  3.  Becoming Soul Mates by Jerry Akinsola is a masterpiece. A training resource for intending and engaged couples.
  4. Men of Like Passions by Iremide Akinsola is my first book.

Winning is as easy as ABC

a) Subscribe to the blog,

b) Answer these questions.

In the 3-part wedding story (The Wedding Night, The Morning After and Happily Ever After? ) last December,
i) What was the full name of the groom?
ii) What was the name of Sola’s fiance?
iii) Where did the couple go for their honeymoon?

c) (Get someone to)Pick up your books in Ibadan.

Simple as a..b..c Continue reading “BLOGVERSARY – GIVE AWAY”


😊…this morning, I realized that today was the blog’s birthday and I felt a rush. It is an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I’m amazed that God would find me worthy to be His scribe. That He would paint pictures in my heart and grant the grace to translate them into words. Continue reading “BLOGVERSARY 2!”


So, yesterday morning, I was with Abraham and Sarah. Sarah had just checked the strip and things were just as they had been in the beginning; she was still not pregnant. She cried. Her tears were mainly because of the reaction of the pharmacist who sold the kit to her. The young lady asked Sarah whether she was getting the kit for her daughter or her grandchild. It hurt so much that she just smiled, paid for the kit and left.

After I left their place, I visited the Israelites outside Jericho. Continue reading “SHOULD WE TELL THEM?”


I: Baba o! Owo meji l’oke. Shey ko wa le?

B: Smh. How you dey?

I: I dey alright. Your boy is loyal. Anything for the boy?

B: The one wey I give you yesterday nko?

I: Baba, that one don go nau. New day; new package. Joor o!

B: Lol. Smh! So wetin dey happen nau? Continue reading “THE BOSS AND HIS BOY”


February 20, 2013.

It was a Wednesday. A day I would never forget. Never.

I was in 200 Level that year and surprisingly I was chosen as the Bible Study Coordinator. This was an unprecedented occurrence. Koseleri! To be sincere, I was afraid, but then the One who called me truly backed me up. On several occasions, I would be teaching and the words coming from my mouth would amaze me. Truly, God helped me. Continue reading “BROTHER FELLOWSHIP”


Erm… *clears cobweb*.. Hahaha! It feels so good to be here. To be home. 🙂 I am super excited! This blog will be 2 years old in a few days (on the 6th, to be precise).

About a week ago, I was talking to a friend about how this blog will be 2, and I was reminded of the times when I was talking and thinking about having a blog. See God.

In celebration of this blogversary, I’ll be posting an article each day until the D-day. I am excited to share; I’m hopeful that you will be blessed. By God’s grace, the articles will drop here around 6:30pm each day. Fasten your seat belt, the journey begins tomorrow.