I: Baba o! Owo meji l’oke. Shey ko wa le?

B: Smh. How you dey?

I: I dey alright. Your boy is loyal. Anything for the boy?

B: The one wey I give you yesterday nko?

I: Baba, that one don go nau. New day; new package. Joor o!

B: Lol. Smh! So wetin dey happen nau?

I: Boss. I no go lie you, plenty things dey my mind. You sef sabi as e dey go nau.

B: *nods* .. I dey hear..

I: Things no dey go as I plan. I been think say since you don become my Boss, wahala no suppose dey like that. Just one or two hold-up. But as e be now, this one no be hold-up, na stand still. I tell you.

B: Eeyah. Pele o. But to be clear, when we sign contract, shey you read the terms and conditions?

I: Hehehe. See as Baba dey pull my leg. I no read any T&C joor. Nobody dey read all those things.

B: Kai. You this guy ehn. In the contract, I talk am say wahala go dey steady for this our journey, but say I go always help you.

I: Ehen. E dey there?

B: No. E dey here.

I: Hehee. Baba!

B: You suppose go read that contract again. Another thing wey dey there be say anyone wey go be my boy gas dey ready to do anything wey I talk, whether e like am or e no like am.

I: Ehn. I remember that one, but I think say na joke.

B: *facepalm* So, wetin be the issues wey you get gan gan.

I: Ah. Baba. I no fit talk am like that na. *looks around* Those people go hear. Chill, make I carry ladder…

….climbs ladder…

Ehen, I fit talk now.

B: Kai. You dis guy!

I: *whispers and rants for almost ten minutes*

B: Hmm. Okay. Well, you sabi say I fit just loud wetin you talk for my ear make everybody hear.

I: Ahan. Boss, no do like that. Abeg.

B: I dey joke. Seriously sha. Those things wey you talk na serious talk, but make I remind you one or two things. Remember say I tell you say I go always dey with you, no matter wetin happen. I also tell you say na me go dey guide you and lead you.

I: *nods…* E be like say I don dey remember

B: Wasere. Also, I tell you say make you no fear, say you be champion as long as you be my boy. So, just calm down. You fit go ask around, I never lose any battle, and I no dey ready to start on top your matter.

I: Kai! Bosssss! Boss of all bosses! Any other Boss is a counterfeit! Na why I like you! Thank you o! E se o..*climbs down from ladder…*


Story finish!

Ire: God knows all the things that are unsettling you. He knows. He promised there would be trials, but He also promised that you will triumph. Fear not; He is with you. Atinileyin k’oju ma tini is with you. All will be well. You hear?


Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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