THE CALL ep. 3

Omoba: Spider, how far?

Spider: Na who be this?

O: Omoba ni o. How you dey?

S: Ah! Oga mi. The only Omoba. It’s been a long while sir. Anything for the boys?

O: I dey alright o. There’s an assignment I have for you. Chief needs 3 products. Within one week. I know you can deliver.

S: No wahala, sir. But I’m surprised to hear from you. I thought you hung up your boots. Welcome back. Good to have you on the team again.

O: Ermm, Spider, I’m not back in the game. Just this one hit.

S: Okay Oga. No wahala.


Itunu is a student in Dayo’s school. She’s the first of three children. Her younger siblings, Tolulope and Goodness, also attend the same school. As the close of school draws near, she feels a strange sensation; a sense that something unusual was in the works.

Itunu: Lord Jesus, I don’t understand what is going on, but I ask that you intervene in whatever situation the enemy is planning. Father, take control. I decree that angels are on guard for us. They encamp around us. We are surrounded by the fire of the Holy Ghost. *prayer continues in tongues…*


Location: Dayo (Omoba)’s school

Time: 6:20pm.


O: Itunu, what are you still doing in school at this time? Shouldn’t you be on your way home already?

I: Uncle Dayo, my mummy said that she will call to let us know if we should wait for her or come home by ourselves. I’m still waiting for the call.

O: Okay, no problem.

Time: 7:21pm.

O: Itunu, I just got a call from your mum. She said she is caught in traffic, and begged that I should ensure you get home safely.

I: But uncle, I’ve not gotten any call or text from her? Not even a WhatsApp message.

O: She said she tried calling you, but it didn’t go through, so she sent a message on WhatsApp. I’m sure it is the network you are using that is causing the problem. Network that you’ll receive Christmas Eve message on Boxing Day. Hurry up; let us go. One of my friends is waiting for me.

I: But uncle…

O: See ehn, if you prefer to sleep in school, no problem. As for me, I’m leaving now.

I: I’m sorry sir. Let me go and call Tolu and Goodness.

O: Better.

I: *thinking*.. Lord Jesus, something is wrong. I don’t know what but something is wrong.



At the car park, a cab is waiting for Teacher Dayo and his students.

I: Uncle Dayo, why are we taking a cab? Why don’t we go to the bus stop?

O: It’s because I want you to get home safely. Your mum begged me to take care of you. I don’t want the wahala of all these bus drivers.

G: Ehen. Issokay. Uncle, please call our mummy on your phone and let us speak with her?

O: Goodness, my battery is low. I don’t have time for all these nonsense. Get into the car, everyone.




Thirty minutes later, as they journey, Itunu’s phone rings.

Mummy Itunu: Hello my dear. Where are you people? I just got to your school now and I was told that you have left with a teacher.

Itunu: Yes, ma. Uncle Dayo said you told him to take us home.

MI: Ah! Mo gbe oo. I didn’t tell anyone to take you anywhere o…

I: But…*Dayo takes the phone from Itunu and switches it off*



Realizing that they were being kidnapped, the children tried to open the car, but to no avail. As their efforts became frantic, Omoba brought out a handkerchief soaked in Chloroform and within few minutes, the three children were knocked out. Spider, who was driving the cab, shouted: “Omoba!! Boss! You still have the skills oo.”

Dayo nodded slowly. He battled with the tears trying to escape his eyes, but more importantly, with the pain in his heart. Why did he take this job? Why did he return to this life of crime? Why!?

At that moment, his phone rang. It was Chief.


C: Hello Omoba. I can see that you have gotten the products.

O: Ahahn. Chief, how did you know?

C: Forget about how I know. The main thing is that I know you are in a yellow cab with Spider as your driver. I also know that there are three unconscious children in the cab with you.

O: *looks around to see if anyone is following*

C: Omoba, you can’t see me, but I can see you. You see, when you decided to stop working with me two years ago, I was angry and hurt. I didn’t believe you could betray me, but you did.

O: Ah. Oga, I didn’t betray you. I only wanted a better life for myself. I was tired of the life of crime.

C: Shut up. Ode. As I was saying, I made up my mind to get back at you, no matter how long it would take me. So I strategically planned and waited. Now, I’ve got you.

O: What do you mean by that?

C: Hehehe. I’m just wondering how you would explain to the police where you got three unconscious children from and where you are taking them to, at this time of the night.

O: But sir, there are no policem…

*as he was about to complete the statement, he looked ahead and there were flashlights pointing at the cab…*

C: Goodbye Omoba. I got you.

O: Ahh…

Police: Park!!! I said Parkkkk!!!!!


To be continued.

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Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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