THE CALL ep. 4 – The Conclusion

Police: Mr. Man, I said Parkk!!
Spider: Oga Olopa, how you dey?
P: Who is your Oga? Show me your particulars.
Omoba: Omo Iya, calm down nau. You know say we dey together.
P: You and who? Wait a minute. *shines a flashlight at the children in the cab* Who are those children and where are you taking them to?
O: Errm… we can explain. It’s not what it looks like. Erm..
P: Corporal Francis, please call for backup. We have some kidnappers here.
S: Kidnapper ke? No oo.

Suddenly, Itunu, one of the kids, spoke.
Itunu: Mr. Policeman, e kaale sir. How are you?
P: I’m fine. Don’t worry we have caught these men that were trying to kidnap you and your siblings. I’m sure they must have drugged you or beaten you to an unconscious state. Don’t worry we will deal with them.
I: Sir, I don’t seem to get you, sir. Where did you see kidnappers?
P: Ahahn. Are you okay?
I: *smiles*. Mr. Policeman, Uncle Dayo is my Further Maths teacher at school and Uncle Spider is his friend. They helped take us from school because our mum was stuck in traffic.
P: Ehen. Looto? Really?
I: Yes sir.
P: So, if that’s true how come they are taking you off the main road? Do you live in the village ni?
I: There was traffic on the way and they took this alternative route to ensure we get home as early as we can. Uncle Dayo, is that not so?
O: Yes oh! Oga Olopa. That is so. It is so. Just as so as she said it. I’m her Further Maths teacher. See my ID card.
*brings out teacher identification tag*
P: Something seems fishy here. Why were you now stammering when I flagged you down initially?
S: Hahaha. It was because we don’t have a spare tyre and we didn’t have something for the boys. Sorry I mean the men.
Corporal Francis arrives the scene…
F: Sergeant sir, the other guys are on their way. We will deal with these kidnappers.
P: Corporal Francis, it seems there has been a mix-up here; these guys are not kidnappers. They are just helping these young ones get home.
*turns to the cab*
Sirs, I am sorry for any embarrassment caused. We were just doing our job. I hope you understand.
O: Yes sir. As a law-abiding teacher, the safety and security of children is very important to me.
I: Uncle Police, thank you for doing your job. If all officers were like you, this country will be a better place.
P: Thanks a lot, my dear daughter. I’m glad you understand.
S: Oga Police, we will return to the main road. It seems this route does not lead where we thought. Thank you, sir.
P: Alright, stay safe. Journey mercies to your destination.
Ten minutes later, Dayo (Omoba) summoned the courage to speak.
O: Itunu, why did you do what you did? You know that we were trying to kidnap you, don’t you?
I: Uncle Dayo, I know.
O: So why?
I: Well, I really don’t know why. But I know you are not a bad person. Although I’ve never told you, you are my best teacher. The way you teach with a smile on your face despite the fact that you are obviously suffering is a big deal.
O: Hahaha. Me? Suffering?
I: Ah. Uncle, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.
O: No problem dear. Spider, you better face front and stop laughing. Itunu, you have not answered my question fully.
I: Sir, whatever made you attempt this is not you. Few minutes before we got to the checkpoint, I miraculously woke up and overheard your conversation. Uncle, this life is not for you. God has a bigger and better plan for you.
S: Hmm..
I: He has a plan for you too, Uncle Spider. Don’t allow the enemy to trick you.
    Uncle Dayo, are you crying?
O: Crying? No o, it’s the dust from the road.
I: Okay sir.
O: Itunu, I don’t know how to thank you. You had the chance to destroy my life, but you chose to forgive me. Thank you.
I: Uncle, thank God. Please, can I have my phone? I want to make a call.
Itunu: Hello, Mummy.
Mummy Itunu: Jesu seun oooo!! Oluwa seun ooo!! My daughter! How are you? Where are you? Shey that useless teacher has not harmed you or your siblings? I have called Major. General Jubril. He is mobilizing his boys. That man will rot in jail.
I: Ah, Mummy. There is no need for that. It was just a mix-up. You should even be thanking Uncle Dayo.
MI: Ehen. As how?
I: Don’t worry, I’ll explain when we see. We are just five minutes away from the house.
MI: Jesu seun ooo…!
As she dropped the call, Omoba’s sniffling caught her attention.
I: Uncle, don’t cry. The mucus does not fit you at all.
O: Hahah. Don’t forget I’m still your teacher o.
I: Yes sir. Hehee.
O: Lest I forget, I have a call to make.
Omoba: Hello Chief.
Chief: What?! You should be on your way to the prison now.
O: You are the one that will go to prison.
C: Ah. Me? You have the guts to say that to me?
O: Chief or whatever you call yourself, I am no longer your slave. I have been bought by a price. The blood of Jesus. Though I stumbled, the Lord saved me. I am never working for you again. Never!
C: Shior. That’s what you said the last time. I am sure something will bring you back to me again. Whether suffering or the desire for pleasure or th…
O: No. I have been crucified with Christ; He is committed to keeping me from falling. He will present me blameless before the Father. That, I am sure of.
C: You don’t know anything. I will…
O: Goodbye Chief. Your reign is over.
Story ends.
Ire: To those who have returned to the old master, you are not beyond redemption. God is leaving the 99 in search of 1. In search of you. Jesus is calling; would you pick the call? Dear friend… oh, why not tonight?

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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