THE CALLED (ep. 3) by Olamide Bamidele

cont’d from ep. 2 

Bro. James apartment

Omoba arrived at Bro James house about two hours later and knocked three times but got no response so he turned the doorknob and luckily the door gave way. He found the sitting room well-arranged but for a handbag on the table. Continue reading “THE CALLED (ep. 3) by Olamide Bamidele”

THE CALLED ep. 2 by Olamide Bamidele

Episode 1

Back in Omoba’s room. He continues talking to himself.

O: But Bro. Segun, Segun! Nobody can be trusted o. I thought Bro. Segun was a Christian who would encourage me to keep the faith but it was a small girl like Itunu that proved to be of help.

I wish I kept trying Bro. James number

Inner voice: Stop wishing, Dayo. I wanted you to understand the extent of my love for you. I have a better assignment for you!

O: Oh not again! Which assignment could that be?

Inner Voice: Do you want to do things my way or keep doing it your way? Continue reading “THE CALLED ep. 2 by Olamide Bamidele”

THE CALLED (ep. 1) by Olamide Bamidele

Sequel to THE CALL

Saturday Morning.

Omoba turned off his phone. He needed to go over the actions of the past few days and didn’t want to be distracted by any call or message. His mind played back the events that led to his initial decision to stop working for Chief.

Chief: Omoba, how far? You should be almost here.

O. Chief, things are dangerous here right now. We were almost caught. Spider don run o but I luckily got the baby. I’ve even abandoned the car. I’m trekking towards that narrow path. I go soon…

Omoba suddenly stopped talking as he saw a man standing by the wayside Continue reading “THE CALLED (ep. 1) by Olamide Bamidele”