THE CALLED (ep. 1) by Olamide Bamidele

Sequel to THE CALL

Saturday Morning.

Omoba turned off his phone. He needed to go over the actions of the past few days and didn’t want to be distracted by any call or message. His mind played back the events that led to his initial decision to stop working for Chief.

Chief: Omoba, how far? You should be almost here.

O. Chief, things are dangerous here right now. We were almost caught. Spider don run o but I luckily got the baby. I’ve even abandoned the car. I’m trekking towards that narrow path. I go soon…

Omoba suddenly stopped talking as he saw a man standing by the wayside

Man: Dayo, what are you doing?

O: (startled) Who are you? How-How did you know my name?

M: I know all things. If you continue on this road, you will be a dead man before you reach the end of the journey. I have a better assignment for you.

The man disappeared immediately he finished talking. Fear gripped Omoba. He dropped the baby and started running. He didn’t stop until he got home.

His phone rang a few minutes after he got to his house. It was Chief.

C: Omoba, I’ve been waiting for the past twenty minutes, where are you?

O: Ah Chief, I can’t do this anymore, I cant!

C: What is this nonsense you’re talking about?

O: The baby dey for road, go carry am… but I can’t continue with this. Goodbye!

Omoba felt relieved after making that call. He got on his knees and prayed for the first time. Talking to God in the best way he could think of, he asked God to forgive him for all he had done.

Still deep in thought, Omoba shifted and let his mind go back to his first day in church. He remembered how he was encouraged by the brethren on his new found journey.

Bro. James, the Bible study Coordinator who led him to Christ, Bro Segun, and Sis. Dorcas had been his support system ever since.


Jubilation at Itunu’s house.

After the botched kidnap attempt, Omoba had dropped Itunu and her sisters at the gate and didn’t bother to go in because he was scared.

Mummy Itunu: Eh Jesus, Thank you o (Runs and hugs them) hope you’re all fine? Oya come, come inside, lemme check you. What did they do to you? I hope they didn’t hurt you?

Itunu: Mummy! I have told you that we are fine. Uncle Dayo only helped us, he’s not harmful.

Mummy Itunu: Ah, you think I will believe that one? You are not going to that school again o. Jesu mi o ni je [God forbid].

Itunu: Mummy, my final exams is in two months. I can’t change now.

MI: You can change o. In fact, you will change.

Goodness: (almost crying) Mummy no o, I will miss Susan.

Mummy Itunu: You better keep quiet, what do you know?

Their mother took them in, served them. Later that night, she went to Itunu’s room. She found her daughter praying by the bedside, thanking God for saving her and her siblings. Itunu opened her eyes moments after her mum entered.

Itunu: Mummy…

Mummy Itunu: Itunu, ma paro fun mi o [dont lie to me o], what happened exactly?

Itunu: Hmmm. This is what happened

To be continued next Thursday...

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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