THE CALLED ep. 2 by Olamide Bamidele

Episode 1

Back in Omoba’s room. He continues talking to himself.

O: But Bro. Segun, Segun! Nobody can be trusted o. I thought Bro. Segun was a Christian who would encourage me to keep the faith but it was a small girl like Itunu that proved to be of help.

I wish I kept trying Bro. James number

Inner voice: Stop wishing, Dayo. I wanted you to understand the extent of my love for you. I have a better assignment for you!

O: Oh not again! Which assignment could that be?

Inner Voice: Do you want to do things my way or keep doing it your way?

O: I’m sorry, Lord. It’s just that I don’t think I have the capacity for whatever is coming. Please Lord, just let me be for now.

Inner Voice: I need you.

O: Okay Lord, have your way. What will you have me do?

Inner Voice: Harden not your heart. I love you. Show people what my love looks like.

O: Oh Lord, I’m sorry for taking you for granted. I doubted your sufficiency and went back.

Thank you for loving and showing me the way again. Thank you for using Itunu for me, please sustain her.

Show me more of your grace Lord; let it be sufficient for me.

Give me the strength for this assignment.

Omoba keeps praying for a while before he eventually stopped, satisfied that God had heard him.

He turned on his phone and Bro. James’ call came in almost immediately

Bro. James: Bro. Dayo, how are you? I missed your call some days ago. I apologize for just returning it now.

O: Ah Bro. James, this call is very late o. Let us just thank God.

Bro. J: What happened?

O: I went back to working for Chief and was almost arrested; it was only God that saved me.

Bros. J: Really?!

O: If you are at home, I can come over to see you.

Bro. J: Yeah. I’m at home. But, let’s make it later in the day. You can come later in the evening.

O: That’s fine sir. Thank you.

Inner voice: Go now, don’t wait till evening.

O: But he specifically said I should come in the evening. More so, what if I go there now and don’t meet him.

He might have gone out because there’s no way I can get there in anything less than an hour and thirty minutes.

Inner voice: Go now.

O: Okay oo. I’ve heard Lord. Right away.


Itunu’s house.

Itunu narrated all that transpired that fateful day to her mum.

Mummy Itunu: But Itunu, why? Why would you do such a thing? That is very dangerous you know.

Itunu: It’s a long story Mummy. When I was in JSS 2 and the quarrel between you and dad was becoming more frequent, I became depressed.

You stopped showing love to us and I didn’t know what to do. We even stopped attending church (she began to cry).

Then, I got caught up in the web of pornography and masturbation. I found some consolation at least…

MI: O my God, Itunu (shocked) Itunu, o ti pa mi o [you have killed me o]

Itunu: It continued till we moved here and changed my school in SS1. Then I met Sade. We became friends. I shared my struggles with her and she stood with me, prayed with me, and fought with me.

Now, I am free. Mummy, I am free!

Mi: Hmm… I can’t believe all that was happening under my roof.

I: I didn’t believe God could take me back but Sade showed God’s love to me.

It was then I made a decision to show this same kind of love to anyone I come across.

I may not know what they are going through but I know God will take them back and I want them to know.

So when I discovered that uncle Dayo was only a victim of his circumstances, I remembered my decision. That’s was why I acted like that, Mum.

MI: Hmmmm

Itunu. That was then, Mum. I’m changed now. I’m sure you can also see the difference.

MI: Thank God for everything. Just be wise in your dealings with men. Some people cannot be trusted.

Be careful o, add common sense to this your grace thing o. So ti gbo? [Have you heard] (She stands and made to leave)

Itunu: Thank you, Mummy. I will, God helping me. But one more thing Mum…

MI: (she stops for a second) What’s that?

Itunu: Daddy! When will you
MI: Don’t even go there. Good night! (She walks out of the room)

To be continued…

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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