THE CALLED (ep. 3) by Olamide Bamidele

cont’d from ep. 2 

Bro. James apartment

Omoba arrived at Bro James house about two hours later and knocked three times but got no response so he turned the doorknob and luckily the door gave way. He found the sitting room well-arranged but for a handbag on the table.

O: (calling out) Bro. James, I’m here. Are you home? (To himself) If the door is opened, then he should be around. Bro. James! (He called out again)

When he got no response, he made for Bro. James room. It was not unusual. That was the venue for most of their Bible study and prayer sessions when he first believed.

O: (still calling out to him, he opened the door forgetting to knock. What he saw dumbfounded him. Bro. James was in bed with Sis. Rose. Sis. Rose was well known to Omoba, she was Bro. James’ fiancée.)

O: (alarmed) Bro. James!!!

Bro. J: (shocked as well) Omoba, what are you doing here? I thought…

O: You thought I shouldn’t be here till evening so that… O my God, it shouldn’t be you! (He stormed out banging the door behind him).

Omoba sat on the settee outside, head bowed and confused. Sis. Rose came out of the room then and hurriedly picked her bag from the table. She was out in no time.

O: Lord, you mean you brought me here so that I could see this?

There was silence. Omoba stood up to leave after a while when he heard that familiar voice again.

Inner voice: Yes, this is the beginning of my assignment for you. Now, show James that I still love him.

Slowly, Omoba walked back to Bro. James room and found him soaked in tears.

Bro. J: Omoba, I don’t know what came over me. This is the third time this will be happening. I’m sorry for disappointing you. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what God will think of me now.

O: He still loves you and I still do too. He sent me to tell you that. He will clean you up again if you genuinely repent.

Bro. J: He still loves me? Omoba, you still love me when I have failed you? Oh God! (Continues weeping)

O: (now weeping too) Let me pray with you.


Itunu’s house

Itunu’s mother could not sleep when she got back to her room. She kept pondering on what she has just heard from her daughter. Her thought soon shifts to Daniel, Itunu’s father, and her husband.

Mummy Itunu: Oh God. How did I get here? A single mother of three and Itunu… hmm, Itunu. What do I know that Goodness and Tolulope are doing now? I’ve totally forgotten how to be friends with my children.

How can I when I have to shuffle in between three jobs so they can be fine? But, Daniel… How could you? How could you have had an affair with Salewa, your secretary and still had the guts to bring her in as a second wife (turns on the bed and hisses).

You’re now coming to beg me after a year to come back home, where is that done? (She paused and then continued) My life is falling apart; to think I once spearheaded a Bible study group, I’m nowhere to be found now. (Now crying) Oh Lord, what do I do?

Inner Voice: Return to me and go back home

Mummy Itunu: (weeping profusely) I’m coming back to you Lord, I’m coming home. I’m so sorry for rebelling. But, I can’t go back to Daniel. I can’t…

The End

Olamide Bamidele: The journey doesn’t end at receiving the call to be saved. It goes on to partnering with God to getting others to answer the call, hence, “The Called”. Everybody deserves grace and a second chance. Believers who fall most times know they have fallen and feel bad about it but they may not know how to get back. That is why we have one another. Two are better than one because a good return comes when two work together. If one of them falls, the other can help him up (Eccl. 4:9-10a)

Nobody is resistant to grace. Grace itself is a teacher. Let’s learn to correct people in love. That is the way Jesus has treated and taught us. If you are a believer that has fallen, God is still very much interested in you and grace is also available for you. You can start afresh.

What is bruised and bent, he will not break; he will not blow out a smoldering candle. Rather, he will faithfully turn his attention to doing justice. Isaiah 42:3.

Thank you for reading! Your encouragement and feedback mean a lot. You can reach out to the guest writer on Facebook: Olamide

PS. A new series, Abike, starts soon! 🙂

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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