Ha! Atinnukkeee!!! Please don’t do this. I want to call you but I’m afraid that you would be angry with me for disobeying your instruction. That’s why I’m sending this voice note. Ore mi! If you go ahead with this, you would not be ending the pain. You would be causing even greater pain. How in the world do you want me to explain to Itunu that her mother is dead? What would happen to the poor girl who you claim you love more than anyone in the world? Continue reading “LETTERS FROM MY HEART 2”


Hello Ayomide,

Good morning. This message is the last I would be sending. To you. To anyone. Don’t freak out. Don’t call me. I won’t pick. Just read and pay attention. Haha. I know your mind would be thinking Credit Card. Our inside joke on PAYing attention.

Ore mi, there’s one thing I’m thankful for. Meeting you. Continue reading “LETTERS FROM MY HEART”