Hey you, I know you love me but do you really know me?
Would you love me even after you know my story?
If I tell you about the dark days and long nights, would you stand by me and be my darling knight?
What if you get to know about Ileri, the baby I had when I was in SS 3…would you stay.. would you still stand by me?

Segun, would you fight for me? Would you win over your friends for me?
When they say I’m not good enough, would you take your stand…would you still show me love?


Asake, do you still care for me?
Does your heart skip a beat when you see me coming? With that same blue shirt I have worn for ages.
Shey o ti su e? Shey o fe fi mi si le?
You know I won’t vex for you. Me sef I want better thing for you.
This is the third year and “e go better” is all you hear.
I dey shout next level, next level but nothing don change.
Time dey go, your clock don dey tick. Shebi you know you’ll be thirty in just a week?

Fola, what is this I hear? About you and I not being compatible.
See ehn, gbogbo iyen o possible. Gbagbe, our love is strong enough.
They said AS and AS shouldn’t get together.
Well, that’s because they’ve not been with us.
If they know the love you have for me, they would know every other thing is story.

Tolani, they say I should walk away.
That all I have done is okay.
How? How can I leave you there?
In the moment when you need me most!
Tell me, how can I turn my back and leave as they lower you into the ground.
Shebi they said love is as strong as death.
Ehn, me sef I go die for here!

#Freestyle…what’s your favourite line? 😀✍🏾

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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