Writing For A Change 2019 – The Introduction

Words have the ability to change lives. The word of God brought the world into existence. Words, spoken and written, have the ability to influence our actions, inspire us and illuminate our paths as we journey through life.

On a personal note, reading the written word in scriptures, books and other channels has been and remains a great blessing to me. This, among other things, inspires me to write. Writing is one of the things that brings happiness to me. The opportunity to create worlds, communicate messages and play a role in changing the narrative is a great one. Most importantly, the privilege to be a scribe sharing the word of God and expanding the frontiers of His kingdom is a life assignment that I’m thankful for.

Writing for a Change is a series designed to help Christian writers improve the depth, dynamism and delivery of their message. It will kick off on Thursday and over the next four weeks, we will have writers share lessons addressing diverse areas. We trust that God will use these lessons to bless and build writers that will take the message of Christ all over the world!

#WFAC2019 🤗