Last week Thursday, I met with one of my mentors. He’s a very busy man, so we get to interact physically once in a while. I got to his office around 6pm, so I had to wait for him for about 30 minutes. He hurriedly wrapped up some of the things he had to do, to make sure we had sufficient time to talk.

We got to the car park and he drove to a nearby eatery. We found a nice spot in a corner and after ordering, we began to talk.

I: Oga, e ku ise o. Thanks for making time for me. I appreciate you.

M: Haba. I should be apologizing that we’ve not been able to meet since June despite all your attempts. Ma binu.

I: Binu ke? No o. Ehen, sir, how is your family? Your wife and kids?

M: They are good o. Thank God. He’s been faithful. January 17 would be our 6th year wedding anniversary.

I: Wow. Congratulations o. I’m happy for you. I remember your wedding day. The emotions as you both said your vows, the dance at the reception and all the other things.

M: Abi o.

I: It must be easy for you both to stay together, sir. I mean you are a really good person and Christian. Your wife is really nice too and she’s fineee.

M: Well done o. It’s my wife that is fine abi? All you can say is that I’m nice. Me, I’m not handsome abi?

I: Haha. It’s not like that sir.

M: Really though, I feel it’s important that you know that love is much more than the emotions. It is a choice to love no matter what. It’s a commitment to stay through thick and thin. It’s a continuous decision that you’ll keep making each moment.

I: Hmm.

M: Lil bro, don’t just fall in love with the idea of something or someone without understanding the work to be done and the challenges that might come.

In marriage, love is the ability to stick through the times when she has mood swings, the postpartum depression that might come after your first child, the possibility of the loss of loved ones and the traits that you see but never imagined on your way to the altar.

I: Hmm.

M: It is seeing the not-so-good side and choosing to stick through it. It is constantly reminding yourself of the goal which is a happy family, and striving for it no matter what happens.

I: Hmm. Thank you sir. I’m learning a lot. If I recall correctly, you said love is a choice.

M: Yes…

I: It’s a commitment.

M: Yes…

I: And it’s a continuous decision.

M: Exactly.

I: Thank you sir. This is one of the reasons I always look forward to our time together.

M: The pleasure is mine. You don’t know how much I enjoy our interactions. It gives me great pleasure seeing you grow.

I: E se sir. Ehen, sir, about career…


To be continued


Ire: As we begin a new year, a lot of resolutions are made. Things to stop/start doing. Businesses to start. Exams to write. Major decisions to make. However, the story above encourages us to look beyond the idea of a thing and understand the backstory to it.

It’s important to note that the business you start up might not break even for a while. It’s vital that you know that your first attempt at that exam might not be your last. It’s important for you to be aware that disappointments may come on the road to the goal you are aiming for.

However, it’s also important that you make a choice not to give up. The goal might need to be re-evaluated but quitting would not be an option. It’s important that you make a commitment to stick to what God told you whether the present reality looks like it or not. It’s important that you consciously and constantly decide not to let Satan steal your joy no matter what comes your way.

This year will bring challenges and difficult decisions. However, by the help of the Lord, we will advance against troops and scale walls. With His help, we will attain heights beyond our imagination. By His grace, our feet will be like the deer, secure on great heights. We will do great things. We will surely triumph!

Happy New Year everyone ❤️😃🎉🍾

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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