Thursday Night. The Adebisi’s residence.

Sade: Mummy, our midterm is finishing on Friday and we are resuming on Monday.

Mummy: So what’s the problem with that?

S: Mummy, aunty Rebecca said she will not allow us to enter the school compound if we don’t come with the receipt of our school fees.

M: Ehen, is that so?

S: Yes Mummy. She was even saying that shebi our daddy is an evangelist and our mummy is a deaconess, that can’t they pray for money ni?

M: She said that? Continue reading “JEHOVAH JIREH”


God’s initial plan was to have constant fellowship with man. Sin however led to the delay of that plan. For a long time, man could communicate with God mainly through an intermediary. Jesus came and changed all that.

As Jesus ascended to Heaven, He promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit fulfills the message of Emmanuel – God with us. He is the evidence that the One who stood at the door of our hearts knocking has found a home there. (Revelations 3:20)

The Holy Spirit plays a lot of roles in our lives as believers. We’ll consider 5 of them, he… Continue reading “THE HOLY SPIRIT”


D: Alright baby. Make sure you listen to your teacher and do your class work well. You hear?

B: Yes Daddy.

D: That’s my girl. Have a great day Princess 👑!

Dayo waved goodbye, turned and walked towards the car park. Few meters to his car, he heard his daughter shouting, “Daddy. Daddy”. He looked back and saw her running towards him with a teacher trying to keep pace with her. He was worried. Continue reading “A FATHER’S LOVE”


“You are God,

you are not just big o,

you are not just large o,

You are a great God!”

Pastor Eli danced and swayed to the rhythm of the music. It was thanksgiving service and he was grateful for all that God had done in his family and ministry.

“You’ve done so much for me,

I cannot tell it all,

Narekele mo.

If I had ten thousand tongues, it still won’t be enough,

Narekele mo!”

As he waved his hands, he saw a sight that baffled him. “It couldn’t be her. Could it? There was no way the lady in the second row would be Funmilayo. No way.” He thought to himself. Continue reading “EL ROI – THE GOD WHO SEES ME”