The story of Kofi Essien is a fascinating one. The economic hardship in their country convinced his parents to relocate to the United States of America with him and his younger brother, Mensah, when he was barely a teenager. Through hard work and determination, Kofi became the first African American Secretary of State. There were whispers within the corridors of power that he could be the first black President of the USA. Such was his popularity. A chance meeting with one of his kinsmen changed all that.

Can you guess which Bible character is represented in this fictional story? Not Daniel joor. Judas ke? No o. Try again. Ehen! You got it! It is Nehemiah. The man with a compassionate heart. The rebuilder. He is the character we will be learning about in this week’s installment of From the Royal Courts.

A Compassionate Heart – Nehemiah

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We are living through unprecedented happenings. The world is almost on lockdown. Our vocabulary is being updated with new words and old words are being given new meanings. Isolation. Quarantine. Social distancing. Lockdown. These words are almost becoming a non negotiable part of our daily conversations.

In times like this, with no certainty of the duration of the problem, it is easy to be drowned in fear and worry. It’s safe to guess that a few of us have recently wondered if the symptoms we had are a reflection of the presence of the virus.

For instance, after dusting the house, you sneeze. Or after taking a bike through a dusty path, you cough. For some, you had a long day and you woke up the following day, worried that you had a fever.

These occurrences may lead you to mentally trace your steps. Who did I sit beside in the bus this morning? Did I sanitize my hands after I collected the change from the meat seller? Was the gap between myself and the bike rider up to six feet? You know the feeling right? Continue reading “COMFORT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES”


Humble Beginnings – David and Esther


If the Bible was to have a celebrity couple, I feel David and Esther would be a credible option. A handsome king who is skilful and gifted, alongside a beautiful queen who is humble and sacrificial.

Can you see the hashtags? #Davsther2020 #RoyalCouple. You can see them at the reception venue dancing to music by the Levites. Okay, let’s leave the wedding theme. 😊 Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 1”


Hello everyone 😃

Trust that you are safe?

We are assured of God’s protection as we play our parts by ensuring we adhere to the rules given by the health agencies and authorities.

On Monday, we will commence a Bible study series, “From the Royal courts”

By God’s grace, it will be posted every Monday for the next six weeks here!

We will be learning from royalty in Scriptures and those who worked with them, while considering how we can apply the lessons to our lives.

As we look forward to this, it is my sincere prayer that God will grant us insight into His word. That He will help us to see what He has for us. That our lives will be transformed into His likeness. In Jesus name. Amen.

❤️ 🕊


Caleb fixed his gaze on the stars. It was night and the camp was asleep. It had been a difficult journey for him; most of his friends had died along the way. He was grateful for life, but there was a loneliness that came from being an elder statesman. It was only Joshua that was his contemporary among the multitude that were headed for Canaan, the Promised Land.

Caleb felt a tug on his cloth. It was his grandson, Eliadab. The lad was growing into a fine young man.

E: Grandpa, what are you doing awake? Don’t you want to sleep?

C: My boy, I will have enough sleep at the other side of the river.

E: Which river, father?

C: I don’t mean an actual river son. I mean when I am dead.

E: You are not dying anytime soon, Grandpa! No way.

C: I believe so.

E: Grandpa, I have a question. Continue reading “ENROUTE CANAAN”


Adebimpe watched as the minister preached about the resurrection and the life. He stressed the importance of salvation as the only way to experience eternal life. To be fair, the man was doing a great job, but she found it difficult to focus on him.

Her attention was on the casket few meters from the pulpit. In there laid her husband of six years and best friend for a decade. Lekan had passed on after a brief illness which seemed harmless.

Adebimpe could not understand why God decided to take him, but his last words to her kept ringing in her heart and gave her hope.