We are living through unprecedented happenings. The world is almost on lockdown. Our vocabulary is being updated with new words and old words are being given new meanings. Isolation. Quarantine. Social distancing. Lockdown. These words are almost becoming a non negotiable part of our daily conversations.

In times like this, with no certainty of the duration of the problem, it is easy to be drowned in fear and worry. It’s safe to guess that a few of us have recently wondered if the symptoms we had are a reflection of the presence of the virus.

For instance, after dusting the house, you sneeze. Or after taking a bike through a dusty path, you cough. For some, you had a long day and you woke up the following day, worried that you had a fever.

These occurrences may lead you to mentally trace your steps. Who did I sit beside in the bus this morning? Did I sanitize my hands after I collected the change from the meat seller? Was the gap between myself and the bike rider up to six feet? You know the feeling right? Continue reading “COMFORT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES”