In 1998, Rachel was posted to Adankwagi Community Grammar School, Kaduna for the mandatory one-year youth service. During her short stay, she was exposed to unethical behaviours, immoral acts and tribal discrimination. Unfortunately, the principal and vice principals who were Christians did not behave differently as they were the ring leaders of the extortion of money from the students. They also encouraged nepotism and hypocrisy by their actions.

The experience left an impression on the young lady who was starting life after school. She had been an executive in the Scripture Union fellowship on campus, passionate about changing the world for Christ. Seeing the wickedness in the school gave her an idea of how the rest of the world would look like and the scale of the challenge she had ahead of her.

In June 1999, Rachel returned to Lagos and sat for a chat with her friend, Clara. They discussed their experiences at their Places of Primary Assignment (PPAs) and documented the principles they would follow as they began their journey in the academic world. They would not become those they criticized. They would be different. Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 5”