LOVE STORM 2 (IfeWrites)

Episode 2: The Announcement

Love is a beautiful thing. Several times, I have seen friends and colleagues claim to fall in love. I had laughed at them, I had teased them. Little did I know I was next to be hit by this storm – the love storm. My name is Victor and the storm is about to begin.

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Sunday service was probably the weirdest service I had ever attended. The service was awesome, but I could not concentrate, mainly because Gift’s officiating position while ushering was right beside me and because the young man beside me would not stop using his phone. I really tried to pay attention, but I was distracted by the attraction I had for her. During the course of the service, she kept tapping me to tell the person beside me to stop using his phone and each time she tapped me my heart missed a  beat. So, this is how it feels to be in love.

After the service, and for the first time ever, I waited, hanging around. I wondered if she would notice me. Now that I’m reflecting on all this, I don’t know what  I was thinking?

My waiting was painful, not only was I hungry, but my Gift wasn’t coming to my world. One thing I learnt was that even ushers were an important part of the body of Christ and their work should not be underestimated. After about an hour, I took my leave. You might be wondering if I had nothing to do., I did have a lot of things to do but when you’re in love you’ll always create time for whom you love.

Monday after classes, I had my routine walk and mapped out my strategy to speak with her and the perfect day was the next Thursday fellowship. I was going to walk up to her and compliment her and tell her how much the ministration  blessed me. The plan sounded nice, so I put things in motion, unaware of what was going to happen.

Time flies when you’re with someone you love, or in my case when you are thinking of meeting someone you love. It was already Wednesday. Wednesdays are usually my least busy days, so after my lectures by 10 am, I went back to my room. Entering my room, I plugged in my earphones. My mind was set on the task before me. I went to my wardrobe, brought out my best shirt, although it was well ironed and even starched, in order to avoid any delay. I could not be too prepared. I gently pressed the shirt taking my time, to ensure not a tiny part was wrinkled. I had my shoe well-polished, went out to buy body spray, had my hair well cut. Everything had to be perfect.

After I was done with the physical preparation, it was time for the spiritual. Plugging in my earpiece, I prayed for three heavenly hours, in tongues and even in understanding, asking God for courage and utterance to speak to Gift. Just so we are clear about this, I wasn’t asking her out yet, it was just to have a conversation!

After breaking my fast by 6pm, I switched on my data. Little did I know that the announcement waiting for me was about to change everything. I opened the fellowship group chat and  the message read:

“Due to the instruction of the federal government and also the management of the school which states all students are to vacate the school premises between today – Thursday, 25th March  and Friday, 27th March 2020. We, as responsible citizens of the school and also the nation at large, hereby announce the suspension of all fellowship activities till things are back to normal. I believe we all would be standing in the gap during this trying periods, for our nation and the world at large. Be your brother’s keeper. Keep it in mind that this is a proactive response by the authorities, as we curb the spread of and fight against the pandemic. We wish you all journey mercies.

Yours sincerely,

Joint Campus Fellowship President

I didn’t know what to do. Was this a joke or what?! I was shocked, I was pained. Then I started laughing, not because it was funny but because crying could not do justice to the pain I felt. I didn’t know when tears found their path through my eyes. With tears in my eyes, I scanned through my room; shaking my head as I looked at my ironed shirt and the well-polished shoes. This was a wrong time for this to happen. As I got myself together with reality hitting me hard. I asked myself even in my confused state, “What is happening to our world?”

Author: Ifeoluwa James is a lover of God, a writer, an actor and a lover of drama and movie production. He is a student of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Bowen University.

You can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn

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Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

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  1. It was love at first sight at first, now fasting and prayer to start a conversation… I’m loving bro Victor’s love.
    Wear your ironed shirt home…


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