LOVE STORM 4 (IfeWrites)

Episode 4: The Chat

Love is a beautiful thing. Several times I have seen friends and colleagues claim to fall in love. I had laughed at them, I had teased them. Little did I know I was next to be hit by this storm – the love storm. My name is Victor and I found love.

Victor: How are you?

My Gift: I’m very fine o. How about you?

Victor: I’m fine too; how did you know I was the one?

My Gift: Who doesn’t know you? Eyin celebrity.

Victor: Mhen…it is too late to be whining me na.

My Gift: SMH, I’m not whining you o; you, low key gim gim brothers, we know you, plus your picture is on your dp.

Victor: I see…true o.

My Gift: This one you messaged me…I hope I’m safe oo?

Victor: Lol…sure na…somebody cannot message you in peace ni?

My Gift: Lobatan. Egbon peace corp.

Victor: *Laughs*…owo meji fun yin o. My hands are up Anyways…the ministration in school was powerful. I wanted to tell you in person, but we didn’t get to talk.

My Gift: We bless God.

Victor: And the way you were dropping deep stuffs in the teaching, I pay homage o.

My Gift: Must you whine?

Victor: I’m actually very serious, those words were life; they had the capacity to bring one into the consciousness of one’s purpose.

My Gift: Hmmm

Victor: You know, recently, I was thinking about how many of us don’t understand impact; how can you be somewhere and not be useful?

My Gift: Many are not useful because they don’t see themselves as being worthy of use.

Victor: Kai… many people want to feel valued and important, yet they do nothing.

My Gift: To be valued, there must be a value we are adding; no one is celebrated for doing nothing.

Victor: Word, Ma!

My Gift: Stop doing like a fish na.

Victor: Fish pie ni. How has your break been jare?

My Gift: Very fine…

Victor: Mama has been praying and eating the word.

My Gift: Fish! Me that have been enjoying my beauty sleep.

Victor: I don’t believe you rara. Not a single bit. That’s what they would be saying and they will nau be hitting us with deep stuffs.

My Gift: Mo ya look away.

Victor: *Laughs* I didn’t expect you to be this friendly sha.

My Gift: This life ehn, you people and assumptions.

Victor: Oya sorry na…

My Gift: I have heard ooo. On a more serious note, I have been seeing you from afar and meaning to tell you something.

Victor: What’s that?

My Gift: I don’t know how you’ll take it sha.

Victor: Don’t worry just say it.

My Gift is typing………

Author: Ifeoluwa James is a lover of God, a writer, an actor and a lover of drama and movie production. He is a student of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Bowen University.

You can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn

Episode 5 drops on Wednesday!



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Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

18 thoughts on “LOVE STORM 4 (IfeWrites)”

  1. Han han… This conversation sef, like they have been friends since tipe tipe.
    I love the love conversation. 😍
    Abi “my gift” is about to ask for Bro Victor’s hand in relationship ni. 🤔

    Well-done, brother Ifeoluwa.


  2. Shey sister Gift wants to drop something big ni?
    This story does not only have it’s fun side, you just can’t read an episode without getting something to hold unto🔥


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