LOVE STORM 6 (IfeWrites)

Episode 6: Like Poles

Love is a beautiful thing. Several times I have seen friends and colleagues claim to fall in love. I had laughed at them, I had teased them. Little did I know I was next to be hit by this storm – the love storm. My name is Victor and I’m in love.

My Gift: Why is the person on your display picture more handsome than you?

Victor: Ye!! My chest

My Gift: *Laughsss*

Victor: SMH oo, so that was what you wanted to tell me?

My Gift: Ehn now, what were you expecting?

“That you like me?” I thought, but I wrote:

Victor: Nothing o…I used to be fine o, but life happens.

My Gift: Na so…

Victor: No go reason am; when a man is present at God’s presence, he receives a present that makes him glow…we glow in this gloryyy.

My Gift: Osheyy, fish.

Victor: Fish pie ni.

My Gift: Anyways, I have to go now.

Victor: Alright, take care…don’t miss me too much.

My Gift: SMH, if ah hear. Sha take care.


The day was beautiful; it was blessed with the rays of sun and calm breeze. It was obvious that the smallest seed of love planted will grow to make a mighty tree. Her gallant movement made heads turn in her direction, but she was headed to only one direction: to the man she loved.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,” she said as he pulled the chair for her to sit. “No problem, every moment spent with you is worthwhile,” he replied, with a bright smile, as he took his seat. He adjusted his tie, lifted his face and looked into her eye, “give me your hand,” he said and held her hands. He rubbed his soft palm over hers and said: “Gift, you’re an amazing person, you’re special. You brighten my day in the darkest moments, and you’re a Gift to me, a Gift to my world”. He continued, “Fair and beautiful as the full moon yet, clear and pure as the sun”. “What is happening?” Gift replied, trying to figure out what was happening. “What is happening there?” he replied pointing his hand to the opposite direction, she turned back to see. As the words “I can’t see anything” found expression from her mouth, he brought out a ring box and placed it on the table.

He removed the ring from the box which made Gift stunned and her jaw dropped, he continued, “you’re not Google, yet you have the answers to all I have been searching for; I dare not call you Dictionary, yet you give my life so much meaning”. “Just ask the question already!” screamed a lady recording with her pink pouched phone. “Will you…”


“Mummy now!” Victor said alarmed, “why will you switch off the TV when the guy was about to propose?” “Are you asking me?” replied his mum. She continued, “Because I didn’t give you my phone abi? You decided to spend the whole day watching TV…” “You could have just said it. Why did you switch it off?” Victor said. “Oya come and beat me,” replied his Mum. “Mummy na…which work did you give me that I didn’t do? We were in the kitchen together.” “What of the bottle I said you should pick from the floor?” his mum said. Teasing her he replied, “Mummy o, so you switched of the TV because I didn’t pick a bottle, the same bottle you passed by before telling me to come and pick it.” “I’m sha your mother.” “But Mummy Victor you know you could have picked it sha.” “Pick it ni,” she replied laughing, “go and pick it joor”.


As I shut my eyes to sleep later that night, flashes from the movie kept replaying in my mind. I kept changing my position as I struggled to sleep, for the thoughts of Gift kept me awake. “Not tonight nau,” I said to myself as I stood up to switch off the light. I got back to my bed, rolled myself with my body cover, but the movie I watched had a hold on me. The emotions grew stronger, “Who sent me to watch this film ooo”.  The truth is the lady in the movie wasn’t named Gift, but I could not stop imagining us together.  In the struggle to sleep I brought out my phone, went to the photo gallery to check her pictures, each swipe to the right made her my Mrs. Right. I then went to read our previous chats. Oh! How much my face brightened up; every single scroll was followed with a smile, giggle, and even at times a loud short laugh. “Gift, I know we are like poles in Christ but I’m still attracted to you,” were my thoughts as I placed my phone underneath my pillow.

“Tomorrow is the day I shoot my shot, tomorrow is the day I show my love,” as I said those words to myself, I heard the Holy Spirit clearly, “Victor! Your ways are not my ways”. I turned my back against the wall, against what I just heard. “Good night Holy Spirit, tomorrow is a big day”.

I’m coming for you, Gift.

Author: Ifeoluwa James is a lover of God, a writer, an actor, and a lover of drama and movie production. He is a student of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Bowen University.

You can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn

What have you learnt from Victor’s experience so far?


Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

12 thoughts on “LOVE STORM 6 (IfeWrites)”

  1. Kai.. Your ways aren’t my ways
    Oluwa ooo… Did I just read good night Holy spirit😓
    May we not miss it before we get it.
    Can the shot be fired now tho😍
    More grace sir.


  2. Hmmmmm… Your ways are not my ways. Turning your back on the Holy Spirit is toooooo dangerous a risk…
    Well done,Bro.


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