Episode 4: Redemption

“He is risen! He is risen! The women who went to the tomb said He is no longer there. Our Lord is risen!” Thaddeus heard a lad telling his mother who was selling wheat at the market. “Where are you going, Gamaliel?!” The woman asked with a look of concern. “I am going to see the risen king! I am going to see Jesus!!!” Thaddeus shivered.

“I don’t know what is wrong with children these days. See him running along while I am talking to him. How can Jesus come back to life? We all watched him being crucified only a few days ago. These people should stop spreading fables. Or do you believe this is possible?” Her silence shook me out of my thoughts. “Young man, I asked if you believe Jesus has risen from the dead” Continue reading “TRAITOR EPISODE FOUR”


Episode 3: Rebellion

Thaddeus woke up.

“He’s back. His eyes are open. Hallelujah. Praise to the Most High.” The young girl was delighted. An elderly man put a damp cloth to Thaddeus’ head and massaged his temples. It felt so soothing.

Slowly, the scenes began to return to him. His wife’s cry. The midwife’s report. The words that brought darkness to his life. As he tried to move, he realized that his hands had been tied. “Get the ropes off me! Get them off!” Continue reading “TRAITOR EPISODE THREE”



Rebekah was wondering how much longer she would have to wait. It had been four years since she set her eyes on her husband. She remembered the look on his face when he said goodbye as they took him to Galilee. The efforts by the physicians to restore him to good health had failed. It had also drained the family purse, leaving them hungry and needy. Continue reading “TRAITOR EPISODE 2”


“I’m sorry I can go on with this any longer. It’s not you, it’s me. You deserve way better than this, honestly. The man that will marry you will be the luckiest man on earth.” That was 2016. Bola remembered Richard telling her those words. They had been together for 3 years and were planning for their introduction when he dropped the bombshell. Seeing the love of her life walk away hurt her so much. The pain got worse when he got married to her close friend 6 months after their breakup.

That was then. This is now. Segun is now. Continue reading “HEAVY DUTY”


30th May 2019. Kirikiri Execution Room.

“Any last words?”
I stared at the executioner and my mind started a journey down memory lane. My life of crime started in 2015. After graduating from the University in 2010 and serving in Kogi State the following year, I returned to Lagos with dreams of a bright future. Dreams that became nightmares in no time. Continue reading “THE LAST DAY”