The Parable of the Indomitable Lion

A young deer asked its mother, “Why do we run from the lion? Should we not be brave enough to challenge it? How can we be fugitives in our land? This can’t continue!

The older deer sighed. Her eyes told tales that her tongue could not utter

“You cannot understand my child. There’s more to it than you can see” Continue reading “The Parable of the Indomitable Lion”


I was 16 when I experienced the excitement of being with a girl for the first time. It was on a Friday, after extra lessons in SS 3A. One of the problems was that I am also a girl.

Her name was Becky. I can’t quite recollect how we started, but I remembered how I felt. Through it all, we didn’t say a word but each of us understood what was going on. I remember how, when it was over, I wanted to feel that way again. Continue reading “FORBIDDEN”


Ade left the office premises angry and disappointed at himself. He wondered how he got so low to the extent that he went to see a therapist. Those guys were meant for people who suffered nervous breakdowns or had mental challenges. He wasn’t one of them. He was fine even though his wife thought otherwise.

Getting to the house, he noticed something strange. His children were loading their boxes into the boot of his wife’s car. It seemed like they were setting out on a journey. Nike, his wife, emerged from the house giving instructions to the kids on how to arrange the things properly.

Ade: What exactly is going on here?

Nike: What does it look like? I am leaving. We are leaving. Continue reading “OPENED GRAVES 2”


Ade walked into the office premises. It was his first visit and one he never thought he would have to make. After the registration at the reception, he was directed to the office of the therapist who would attend to him. He shook his head.

He opened the door and was met with a cute smile from a bespectacled lady. She was pretty too. But that was not his business. Continue reading “OPENED GRAVES”