A second chance
A second chance

This is a continuation of the story titled A way of escape. You should read that post first in order to enjoy this better. Here goes…

Yemi looked at his watch again. It was almost midnight. Olamide’s line was switched off. To be sincere, he was getting paranoid. When the kids asked him what happened to Mummy, he lied and told them she went for a seminar and that she was caught in traffic. He knew it was a lie and it seemed like his first child also knew. Continue reading “A SECOND CHANCE”

When God does not make sense


Things had been going badly for my family, to put it mildly. We had to withdraw my kids from the school they were attending because we could no longer afford the fees. My wife was trying all she could, just as I was. However, all our efforts seemed like a drop in the ocean. For the past 18 months, my company had not gotten any major contract. There were some contracts that we executed, but they were more like charity cases. Continue reading “When God does not make sense”

The Fountain of Blood


“Hello, Madam. It seems your garment is stained” said a stranger who walked past me in the market. I checked and saw a red spot that was quickly spreading. Immediately, I went to a nearby shop and got a scarf to help hide my shame. I began to wonder. It was not time for my monthly period, so what could have gone wrong? That day, my life took a turn for the worse. That day, my struggles began. Continue reading “The Fountain of Blood”