Bowen University. 100 Level.

I was saved. It had taken several trips to the altar… 🙂 .. but at a point, I had surrendered my life and really meant it. As a fresher, I was enjoying the experience and basically going through the motions. Class. Chapel. Cafeteria. CCC. It was fun but I felt there was something more. Continue reading “A CATALYST – OJO OLUWASEUN”


Two weeks ago, Benjamin went to visit his childhood friend Peter. He planned to spend the weekend there. After work on Friday, the guys went to play football for hours. They were tired and sweaty by the time they got home. Benjamin went to the bathroom to clean up. When he got back to the room, he met Peter sleeping. He was worried but then he assumed that maybe Peter was just tired. On Saturday morning, however, his fears were confirmed. Continue reading “FORSAKING THE BASICS?”