Bidemi is a great guy. He is handsome, brilliant and God-fearing but he is destructive when he is angry. Rebecca is a better singer than Michael Jackson. Her efo riro (vegetable soup) is a delight and she prays with so much fire but she does not know how to keep a secret. When you are speaking with her, you are addressing the nation. Do you notice a common word in both instances that signifies a shift in the narrative? The word but.

The person we want to learn from today has a similar description. Scriptures give a glowing review of the man, but there was a “but”. Can you guess his name? I’ll give you a clue. His name starts and ends with the same alphabet. Any ideas? His name is Namaan! Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 6”


In 1998, Rachel was posted to Adankwagi Community Grammar School, Kaduna for the mandatory one-year youth service. During her short stay, she was exposed to unethical behaviours, immoral acts and tribal discrimination. Unfortunately, the principal and vice principals who were Christians did not behave differently as they were the ring leaders of the extortion of money from the students. They also encouraged nepotism and hypocrisy by their actions.

The experience left an impression on the young lady who was starting life after school. She had been an executive in the Scripture Union fellowship on campus, passionate about changing the world for Christ. Seeing the wickedness in the school gave her an idea of how the rest of the world would look like and the scale of the challenge she had ahead of her.

In June 1999, Rachel returned to Lagos and sat for a chat with her friend, Clara. They discussed their experiences at their Places of Primary Assignment (PPAs) and documented the principles they would follow as they began their journey in the academic world. They would not become those they criticized. They would be different. Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 5”


The Federal Executive Council meeting had just been concluded with pleasant reactions from the distinguished individuals present. Over the last quarter, the tourism sector of the nation had improved considerably as a result of efforts made by the Minister of Tourism. However, special praise was reserved for the Minister of Finance who had overseen spectacular improvement in the economy. The inflation rate was single digit, external reserves had doubled in a few months, unemployment was at its lowest in decades and the exchange rate was stable.

After the meeting, while the usual politicking and lobbying was going on, the man of the moment told his Personal Assistant to get the driver. He needed to travel urgently. He needed to get to Jerusalem.

Which Bible character does this man remind you of? No, not Daniel. Try again. Not Mordecai. One more try. Exactly! The Ethiopian Eunuch!

Shall we pray? Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 4”


The story of Kofi Essien is a fascinating one. The economic hardship in their country convinced his parents to relocate to the United States of America with him and his younger brother, Mensah, when he was barely a teenager. Through hard work and determination, Kofi became the first African American Secretary of State. There were whispers within the corridors of power that he could be the first black President of the USA. Such was his popularity. A chance meeting with one of his kinsmen changed all that.

Can you guess which Bible character is represented in this fictional story? Not Daniel joor. Judas ke? No o. Try again. Ehen! You got it! It is Nehemiah. The man with a compassionate heart. The rebuilder. He is the character we will be learning about in this week’s installment of From the Royal Courts.

A Compassionate Heart – Nehemiah

Shall we pray? Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 2”


Humble Beginnings – David and Esther


If the Bible was to have a celebrity couple, I feel David and Esther would be a credible option. A handsome king who is skilful and gifted, alongside a beautiful queen who is humble and sacrificial.

Can you see the hashtags? #Davsther2020 #RoyalCouple. You can see them at the reception venue dancing to music by the Levites. Okay, let’s leave the wedding theme. 😊 Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 1”



To God who loved me even when I didn’t love him, I say Thank You. Thank You for loving me despite my flaws, failings and shortcomings. You have shown me so much mercy… much more than I deserve. Continue reading “MEN OF LIKE PASSIONS – The eBook”



The word of God is described as a lamp for our feet and a light on our paths (Psalm 119:105). Intermittently, over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be trying to shine God’s searchlight on different issues. The approach is to put up Bible verses that speak about the topic under consideration. Continue reading “SEARCHLIGHT: Provision”