The Parable of the Hippo-Crite

“Nothing happened! Stop spreading fake news. The lion did not kill any animal. The young deer and its friends are telling these baseless allegations in a bid to dethrone the king of the jungle.”

The hyena continued, “We will not allow any animal, young or old, to disrupt the peace and prosperity that we are enjoying. Young deer, gazelle, elephant and their friends must be held accountable for their actions in the failed coup.” Continue reading “The Parable of the Hippo-Crite”


Episode 3: Rebellion

Thaddeus woke up.

“He’s back. His eyes are open. Hallelujah. Praise to the Most High.” The young girl was delighted. An elderly man put a damp cloth to Thaddeus’ head and massaged his temples. It felt so soothing.

Slowly, the scenes began to return to him. His wife’s cry. The midwife’s report. The words that brought darkness to his life. As he tried to move, he realized that his hands had been tied. “Get the ropes off me! Get them off!” Continue reading “TRAITOR EPISODE THREE”



Rebekah was wondering how much longer she would have to wait. It had been four years since she set her eyes on her husband. She remembered the look on his face when he said goodbye as they took him to Galilee. The efforts by the physicians to restore him to good health had failed. It had also drained the family purse, leaving them hungry and needy. Continue reading “TRAITOR EPISODE 2”

Les Hommes D’une Passions Similaire ebook (Men of Like Passions – French)

Men of Like Passions – French

About three months ago, the Lord placed this project in my heart. I’m grateful that it is now a reality. My first book, Men of Like Passions, is now available in French. Continue reading “Les Hommes D’une Passions Similaire ebook (Men of Like Passions – French)”

2019/2020 – AMAZING GRACE!

It has been a great year. A year of God’s faithfulness. Since the blog began, I celebrate my birthday with a yearly review – 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. For this year’s review, I share some of the lessons I have learnt, songs that I have enjoyed and a few verses that I hold dear. Continue reading “2019/2020 – AMAZING GRACE!”


Bidemi is a great guy. He is handsome, brilliant and God-fearing but he is destructive when he is angry. Rebecca is a better singer than Michael Jackson. Her efo riro (vegetable soup) is a delight and she prays with so much fire but she does not know how to keep a secret. When you are speaking with her, you are addressing the nation. Do you notice a common word in both instances that signifies a shift in the narrative? The word but.

The person we want to learn from today has a similar description. Scriptures give a glowing review of the man, but there was a “but”. Can you guess his name? I’ll give you a clue. His name starts and ends with the same alphabet. Any ideas? His name is Namaan! Continue reading “FROM THE ROYAL COURTS 6”