Getting Things Done

As I read through the manuscript, I was really inspired by the content and challenged to do more. Isaac Sogo has released a really good book that would help you achieve those great dreams you have.

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I would like to start by saying Thank You! This year’s Writing for a Change has been an enlightening experience. Sharon Ajao kicked us off with PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST  where she discussed the importance of placing Christ above anything and indeed everything. Catherine helped us understand what it means to write words that inspire and transform people in PENNING WORDS THAT GIVE LIFE . Then, last week, Victor James Wahab, a writer who passes his message across with ease and humour shared on SPICING YOUR STORY . Today, we consider a theme that is dear to my heart. Here goes:

About two years ago, I wanted to start a blog. This blog. There were so many questions in my mind: questions about who would read and how I would handle the technical part of blogging. However, one main fear I had was how I would keep writing. From a random sampling exercise, I discovered several blogs that were started a while back that had become inactive. I didn’t want my blog to be one of such. Continue reading “WRITING FOR A CHANGE: SUSTAINING THE FLOW”


I think the unwritten rule about a good story is to actually not tell the story- but to show it. That sounds paradoxical, right? What it simply means is that you allow people, readers and audience, get their own stories. All you need to do is narrate what exactly happened, the mind of your reader will conceive the rest. Continue reading “WRITING FOR A CHANGE – SPICING YOUR STORY by Victor James Wahab”


Let’s date back to the nineties, eighties and even the seventies. Can you think of popular hymns that were written in such times? and also think of how they are still such a huge blessing to people?

I’ll tell you one, “Amazing Grace” by John Newton which was written in 1779. Let’s sing a little,

“Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found


A writer, even if he might not be a person of many words in speech, is a person of many words in his heart and a lot of times, he comes under pressure to release the matters in his heart through his pen. Sometimes, regardless of whether or not his life reflects what he writes about. People write for different courses and different reasons, but a Christian writer writes for the cause of God and his kingdom. Continue reading “WRITING FOR A CHANGE – PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST BY SHARON AJAO”


There is something about writing that thrills me. The act of bringing imagination to life. The fact that our words have the impact to alter the course of history. The fact that we can speak even after we cease to be. These things excite me.

Last year, there was a series titled Writing for a Change which ran here. A few weeks ago, I read through the four posts and it was a learning experience for me. After last year’s series, I felt a slight nudge to run the series this year, but I didn’t want to do it just out of routine. If there was going to be WFAC2018, it would be because I believe there are things to be written and read. Continue reading “WRITING FOR A CHANGE 2018 – THE INTRODUCTION”

2017/2018 Personal Accounting Year in Review

Hallo. For the last two years, I’ve shared lessons from my year on my birthday. See: 12 Lessons from my 2015/2016 Season and 12 Lessons from my 2016/2017 Season . This time around, I decided change the name and then add a picture or two.

So, to define my personal accounting year. It starts on the 29th of August one year and ends on the 28th of August the following year. This means the 2017/2018 P.A.Y for me spans from 29/08/2017 to 28/08/2018. Well, it was quite a year.

Before the itemized lessons, I will like to freestyle a bit. Is that fine? 🙂

This year, I have grown to know the Holy Spirit as an anchor. A stabilizer. Someone that remains constant no matter what is going on. You see, there have been highs and lows this year. Situations that have set my pulse raising and others that have hit me hard. But through it all, there was never a day that I was alone. There was always the constant assurance (yepp..assurance) of the Holy Spirit. Comforting, encouraging, instructing, guiding and cheering.

I’m extremely thankful for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

My family has been amazing. They have raised the bar in terms of love, care and counsel. They are God’s greatest human gifts. Jerry, Lizzy and Gam, I love you!

Also, I want to say a big Thank You to my friends who have become family. I’m blessed to have people that I look up to, learn from and enjoy God with. It’s a privilege getting to do life with you guys. To The Father’s Sons, y’all are a delight. Thank you for helping me grow.

Special shout-out to the people I work with and learn from at work. It’s a privilege being with such fine minds.

So, without further ado, here are some lessons I’ve learnt this accounting year.

Here goes.

  • I don’t know my limit: This time last year, I had a number of things on my plate – work, assignments, plans, stuff like that. Those things stretched me. At some point, I felt I had had it up to here. Yimu. This year, I’ve been stretched even more. It makes me wonder how in the world I thought last year was my limit. So, I understand that I don’t know my limit.
  • Procrastination is dangerous: This was a lesson I learnt in hindsight. Usually, after I did something or wrote something or reached out to someone, I discovered that if I had hesitated, I might not have been able to get it done. Later quickly becomes never. This leads me to my next point.
  • Divine interruption: In 2016, I wrote Men of Like Passions, and one of the standout points was the concept of divine interruption. This year, I have seen it at play more often than in previous years. It’s been quite intriguing to watch it play out. After my plans have been rerouted, I look back and imagine that God was laughing at me when I was making my plans.
  • God answers prayers: February this year, I met with my friends who have become family and we cast our thoughts few years back. We remembered the prayer points we raised and how God has answered them. The answers to the prayers did not come the way we thought when we were praying, but they came. It encourages me that He who made my past fears my present testimonies will make my present fears my future testimonies. He who promised is faithful and it will surely come to pass.
  • Books are goldmines: Over this past few months, I’ve read few books (e-books and print) and the lessons I’ve learnt there reiterate a principle that was passed on to me by my parents. Books are blessings. Reading good books and applying the lessons there can set one ahead.
  • God’s word is deep: A while ago, the word deep came into limelight. It was used to refer to insight into God’s word that is unusual. Now, personally, I have come to realize that God’s word is deep. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit gives us access into the deep things of God (1 Cor 2:10). I can attest to that. He takes a verse and then begins to break it down and connect dots that didn’t seem to exist. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • Empathy not sympathy: One of the gifts I have prayed for is the ability to empathize with people. To understand how they feel and not just feel sorry for them. God taught me that experience breeds empathy. I learnt from my experience as well as those of others around me, and it helped me to know the why behind some whats. Gerrit?
  • Angels are on guard: God sends people at vital times to deliver important messages.
  • Conforming is a process: Romans 12 begins with a charge to believers not to conform to the standards of the world. I have learnt that fitting into the mold of the world doesn’t happen in an instance. It is a process that happens slowly. If I am not careful, I will conform. I must constantly expose my mind to God’s word through scriptures, the Holy Spirit and godly people, in order to protect me from becoming like the world in actions and thought patterns.
  • One day at a time: The big picture is important, but this year, I have learnt more to take things one day at a time. In my relationship with God, most especially, I am learning to take each day as a gift and an opportunity to learn and grow. Yesterday, whatever it brought, is less significant. The present must be maximized.
  • Aanu ni a n ri gba: This is a family theme and by extension, a personal one. We’ve received mercy. We’ve enjoyed grace. We are receiving mercy. We are enjoying grace. It is not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us. But our sufficiency is Christ. It is GRACE

I’m grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey and excited for the one that is starting. By the way, please subscribe to this blog. Just enter your email address in the required box and confirm the message in your inbox. There’s so much coming up that you don’t want to miss.

Today is an opportunity for you to begin a new life in Christ. If you have not given your life to Christ, you can do that now. You should do that now. There is nothing you’ve done that disqualifies you from His love. Just ask him to forgive you of your sins and be your Lord and Saviour. Ask Him for the Holy Spirit to guide you. He is willing to do so…

I’m excited and expectant as this new year begins…

O Lord, my Help in ages past, my hope for years to come.

Olorun odun to koja, Iret’eyi ti nbo

Happy Birthday, Iremide Akinsola

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