Hallo! A few months ago, I wrote about Unveiled, my second book. Well, ta da. It’s here!



A few years ago, my parents got me a book titled Blink by Ted Dekker. It is a Christian fiction novel that held me from the first page to the last. I remember how I felt turning the pages as the main character navigated through challenges. I remember how I felt during the concluding part of the story as there seemed no possibility of an escape. I remember what came next. Years after, I still remember. Reading Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and John Grisham among others grew my love for stories.

You can imagine my joy when I realized my role model, Jesus, was a storyteller!! He told stories about the Prodigal Son, the Rich Fool, the Lost Coin and others. Those stories carried life and still change lives more than 2,000 years later!


The idea of this project was formed a while ago. I wanted to tell stories that would address key issues. Dad, Mum, and Gam were absolutely pivotal to the process. Reviewing, correcting, questioning and encouraging. Outstanding! Simply wonderful 

Bukola Falola (08061395804) edited and helped with great ideas to crystallize the concepts in the book. Mr. Funsho of Awesome Multi-Services (08068862902) did an amazing job on the book’s design and printing. Adedokun Toye (08038024945) turned up with the beautiful, beautiful pictures. The result…


Unveiled is a book with seven stories. Seven special stories. Each story addresses different issues. Hearing from God, Purposeful living, Forgiveness, Church beliefs and Habits are some of the themes addressed. Each chapter kicks off with a story, then an interpretation follows. After that, there are questions and prayer points drawn from the story. The chapter then concludes with a suggestion of materials for further study.

Some of the stories will leave you smiling, others would get you crying and at some points, you might find yourself talking to the characters in the book! However, one thing is sure, this book will bless your life and push you to be the person that God intends.


A copy goes for ₦500. Get as many copies as possible, for yourself and everyone around you!  How?

You can send me a message to Book Peddler on 08095925561 or to me on 08101801995

After that, what next? Sit back, read and be blessed 

Book published by The Equipping Christian Ministry (TECM)

Unveiled … life-transforming stories.

Solio Deo Gloria 


PS. Have you read my first book, Men of Like Passions? You can follow this link to get it FREE MEN OF LIKE PASSIONS The eBook 

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.


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