Coming Home


“Skibo robo skibo…” Ayomide played the song over and over again. As he listened, tears rolled down his eyes. Those guys were singing “skibo robo” and they were making it big. Few weeks ago, one of them got a multi-million naira endorsement from one of the leading MNCs and here he was, lifting up holy and empty hands in one accord. He would go to places for ministration and after the service, some people would walk up to him and say “God bless you bro. I was blessed” Wait sef, who God bless you don epp? Ehn.. Others would give him an envelope and when he opened it, he would wonder if he was a beggar.

His Bae had given him an ultimatum. If he was not ready to walk down the aisle in six months, she would walk away from him. Three years after she accepted his proposal and got the ring, they were still yet to be married. Did he want her to become “Lord of the Rings” ni? Ayomide could not afford to lose her. Time was “going”, last week he celebrated his 30th birthday. He picked up his phone and reached out to the Don. He was done with church music, it was time to make money.

Every single song he released was a hit back to back! From “Party Hard” to “Naija Babes” and the others, Ay Rock (as he was now known) was the rave of the town. He eventually ditched his Bae, Sade. With all the ladies around him, he did not need to be tied to one village girl. His life was good, but he was empty on the inside. The babes, the booze and the spotlight did not fill the void in him. For eight years, he continued like that until one day when he hit rock bottom. His mom died and then he began to wonder if he would see her again in Heaven. There and then, he decided to leave it all. He decided to return home, like the Prodigal Son that he was.

His first album after his conversion was titled Reborn. My favorite track on the album is “Back Home”. The chorus goes like this:

“Here I stand before your throne,
Here I stand before your throne.
I’ve come back home,
I’ve come back home.
I am sorry Lord, I wandered far…”

PS. The story is fictional, but the song is still ringing in my heart! *smiles*

Author: Iremide Akinsola

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and watching football.

4 thoughts on “Coming Home”

  1. I am blessed by this. May God grant us the grace never to backslide because not everyone will have the chance to go back to God as a prodigal son. It might become too late to mend. God bless you more!!!

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